Saturday, November 23, 2019


U.S.A. and Canada based depressive black metal warriors HAPPY DAYS have revealed the art work for the bands anticipated new release "LA DERNIERE PORTE DE LA PERCEPTION", due to be unleashed in 2020 (release date T.B.A.).

HAPPY DAYS have announced a lineup expansion and musical progression.


HAPPY DAYS also unleashed "SAVE YOURSELF", 8/25/2016 via TALHEIM RECORDS

Update 11/23/2019
So this month has been very rough for all of us especially for David. I wanted to first off thank those who donated and fir the overwhelming comments that were posted on the preciois post it really meant alot to him to see how many people really cared about him. To the few people who donated you will be contacted so I can personally thank you for your donation along with sending you a free copy of the new upcoming album and will be included in the thank you section of the booklet. I am currently in the process of creating a GoFundMe type page for him to raise money for his album recording since I just found the prices for helping him get into the studio will be a bit pricey. If there are still people who would like to donate right now you can send the funds to the PayPal the goal is to try and raise 1,000 USD since that will be the total price to record the drums for him. Any donation helps no matter how small it is. I will be making another post soon with all the names and people that donated as a thank you. Those who donate 100 or more will receive exclusive access to our recording process by video photos and private messages and will be part of the thank you booklet and will receive a free copy of the album along with any other merch that's printed ie shirts previous albums etc. If there are any questions please feel free to comment below or send a personal message.
Now about the album things are starting to move back on track and I am pleased to finally announce the name of the album and the official front cover of what the album will be. The artwork was created by nightmare designs and I cant thank him enough for his contribution to our vision for the music. Please feel free to check out his page for those looking for amazing artwork. The name of the album is called "La Dernière Porte De La Perception" (The Last Door Of Perception) and we are very excited to be providing everyone with a brand new album that will leave a huge impact on our fans and new listeners. We are very proud of this front cover artwork and we are slowing but steady moving towards completion of the album. The release date for the album is still TBA because it al depends on how fast we can raise the money for the drum recordings and how fast David recovers from his surgery. But we will do everything we can to provide you with a top quality album that happy days has long deserved for a very long time. Feel free to spread this post and raise awareness of this upcoming album as it will touch on very dark subjects and will truly define what happy days has and always stood for. Thank you all for your continued support and loyalty to the music and for always being there. We love all of you.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-