Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WEST MEMPHIS THREE UPDATE: Hearing for an appeal

THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE are set for a hearing for an appeal.  (JESSIE MISSKELLY, DAMIEN ECHOLS and JASON BALDWIN) were convicted of the 1993 ROBIN HOOD HILLS MURDERS (West Memphis, Arkansas) with zero evidence.


Hearings for the WM3 Scheduled for September
April 15, 2008

At 9:30 Tuesday morning the courtroom filled with attorneys and supporters of the West Memphis Three.

However, by 10:00, just 30 minutes later, the hearing was over and rules were laid out.

Judge David Burnett started the morning by telling attorneys for both the state and the defense that any further contact with the media would result in contempt of court.

He also noted that he is ready for the case to be closed once and for all.

Prosecuting Attorney Brent Davis told the judge that he had just received an amended filing of Damien Echols Act 1780 petition and would need time to review and respond to it.

Judge Burnett gave Davis 60 days to respond to this motion.

However, any further motions were given 45 days to be filed and 30 days to be responded to. Those motion include Rule 37 motions being filed by Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin's attorneys.

Judge Burnett told the lawyers that he wanted all motions filed by May 30th and the State to respond by July 15th.

While both sides argued that this may not be enough time, the judge stayed firm and told them that this was all of the time they were getting.

Finally after looking at schedules, hearings for the West Memphis Three motions were scheduled for September 8th through October 3rd.<

Outside the courtroom attorneys held to the judge's orders and refused comment to the media, but we did get response from those in support.

Lori Davis, Echols' Wife, told Region 8 News, "I'm happy that it's going. I'm happy that it is finally getting its day in court. Really that's the news from our side, we are just happy to see it moving along."

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