Thursday, September 20, 2012


(second from right MURRY LORBERER):                                                                                               FROM ITP V.012: I'm watching you and the drug addicted asswipes you worked for (MEADOBROOK CIRCLE, NEW PALTZ) as a process server, be lucky I'm not your target, those castle statute laws and stand your ground laws are pretty bloody for process servers whom break in, wipe the shit from your sheets, and wash the lice from you beard.We were watching you on Wall Str., it's not in your best interest to come to this town EVER!!!
Any one whom makes any threats towards me in denial of thier own behavior, or tries to censor ITP V.012 in denial of thier own drug addictions ect, problems or disreputable behavior gets arrested, sued by me, and if I have to take the law into my own hands, you're done, I'm straight edge.
I hope you realize ex ghettobrook property manager Karen Lenny Kohanski , whom hired you,was fired by me ME via housing discrimination. don't pick up the soap, no unemployment for neither you nor her.
cut your hair, wash and trim your beard and get a real job, you ignorant drug addicted loser.
ANOTHER SCUMBAG, WE DON'T LIKE SEX OFFENDERS: This dude is hated by millions, all of us hate him, he can not USE anyone, he has been told NO, we know who he is, and been restrained and told to stay away from any of us. SHANE LONG is a level three sex offender, drug addict and we don't allow him near us. We NEVER tolerate homophobia of any sort or type and we don't tolerate child abusers or sex offenders as one of the neighbors babysitter (Rossie 3A) dated a level three sex offender (Shane Long: as they were busted in a drug raid via URGENT 2008 (New Paltz, NY) I and many others don't like him. . Our landlord locked the front and back door giving tenets a key because of Rossie's various wigger and drug addicted boyfriends.
NO, don't pick up the soap, NO PERVERTS.
Do not amplify the "opinions" of pervs, or drug addicts or corrupt people
Thanks- This is a PSA from reasonable and rationale people.