Monday, November 10, 2014


As 2014 is coming to a close and after a two year hiatus regarding a few ITP Extreme Metal features (NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND, DAMNED IN BLACK, HUMANITY IS DOOMED, THE ART OF DANCE)  ITP's author is contemplating bringing back some if not all of the metal news features.

After an extensive editing process (2013) and a writers block (sowee, writing from home sucks), I hope to bring back NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND (Death Metal, thrash metal, grind metal, industrial and assorted hard rock news) , DAMNED IN BLACK (black metal, DSBM, ambient black metal, black gaze news)  HUMANITY IS DOOMED (funeral doom, death/doom, blackened doom, experimental metal news)  as those features are short news, one paragraph per news item, consolidated with world wide tour dates and stuff, in ONE JOURNAL ENTRY.

In the process of my writers block (ugh), bands and artists that would normally get one paragraph in said and aforementioned extreme metal news features got lucky on whole (independent) journal entries there fore far more posts for ITP (to compensate for the lack of extreme metal news features) and more exposure for the troo underground, groundbreaking artists whom need it the most, and it has been rewarding.

While ITP METAL AT THE MOVIES (metal and music documentaries), ONLY ONE PER COFFIN (metal and music obituaries) are as substantial, active and as valid as ever,  ITP THE ART OF DANCE (my choice, as a better safe than sorry scenario) was edited down to an almost non existence as perhaps( a vigilant editing process)  would defeat the purpose of said feature.

The irony is, ITP THE ART OF DANCE was by far my fave, and most fun I ever had writing ITP METAL FEATURES (educational/analytically), and I hope to bring it back with official festival footage of all kicking a** in the mosh pit. ITP THE ART OF DANCE WAS one of the most popular metal news features on ITP. We'll see, no guarantee.
Official concert footage from bands, and concert festival promoters needed.

One of the most successful ITP METAL NEWS FEATURES "ITP SOCIAL JUSTICE" (ironically semi political and not always in the context of music)  is still active and has also been very rewarding. ITP SOCIAL JUSTICE has empowered plenty for activism, from protesting SOPA, to freeing the WEST MEMPHIS THREE, and supporting marriage equality, all, as they say on the internet, "da win."

ITP WORLD APOCALYPSE is the flip side of  ITP SOCIAL JUSTICE,  just the facts, as is, the ugh of society, a mirror to your world, so you and I know the reality, music and metal does NOT exist in a vacuum.  ITP SOCIAL JUSTICE is social activism. ITP WORLD APOCALYPSE=Sad truth, and while I wish for world peace, it doesn't always happen. ITP WORLD APOCALYPSE will be posted on occasion.

Although I forgot to mention ITP UNCOVERED and ITP THE MUSIC BUSINESS in this poll below, and while (ITP UNCOVERED) was edited in 2013, ITP will keep that (on occasion) feature. Here's the catch, your videos of covers have to feature your performance LIVE, not you performing to the covers backing track, as recorded covers should be paid by the band/artist covering the tune via a minimal licensing fee, as I'm far more picky choosy now. There fore,  ITP UNCOVERED, not as often, on occasion.

ITP THE MUSIC BUSINESS is far more important than one would think, and while posted on occasion, the music business would have your head spinning on signings, distributor deals, labels folding and the progression of the digital age and streaming music. So much has changed and will continue to change in the music industry, even since ITP started in 2004. So yeh,  ITP THE MUSIC BUSINESS will continue, as needed as a feature, as the music industry will be drastically different (for better or for worse) in 10 years.

ITP REVIEWS, while controversial and time consuming, is a necessary evil as consumers have a DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to an opinion on said product, making a distinction between record label PR (public relations), press releases and advertising versus independent third party opinion from yours truly with extreme metal credibility. ITP REVIEWS is the most original content ITP features and I love sticking it to bands that suck, and proud to feature great releases. Otherwise, Suck my Dick fascists, you can't censor opinion (under fair use) and we (I) am a consumer, it's a consumer RIGHT versus all the rest on market . Can't take the heat, get out of kitchen, if you release or perform music publicly expect a paying consumer opinion, or don't release nor perform music publicly at all.
Record labels can not review artists on their label.

What ITP's author is working on, is perhaps making "ITP REVIEWS" SHORTER, like NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND, there fore less time consuming, and more productive as ITP REVIEWS will be back soon in the winter, I can and WILL continue this feature, time willing.

ITP EDITORIAL is ITP's author's opinion , on the record, regarding complex, controversial issues objective to the music industry and press releases, I'm proud of that feature too, putting anything from the RANDY BLYTHE manslaughter issue to scalpers into perspective.

ITP BEST OV,  I haven't done it in 7 years. If ITP's author brings back ITP BEST OV, I would have to be in the right frame of mind, environment, and the releases won't be rated, just a "Desert Island Disc" of that year, perhaps consolidated with an ITP READERS POLL.
Strange, if I ever get around to this, perhaps a one off journal entry regarding the best rock-non metal songs 1999-2014, perhaps the same with extreme metal next year.

VOTE, refresh page, and I'll post results by years end.
If this poll doesn't technically work that well, I will re-post this poll with a different poll server and re-post this journal entry before the holidays.


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