Tuesday, November 18, 2014


CHRIS ADLER, drummer of Richmond, Virginia based thrash/core warriors LAMB OF GOD has sent this update as the band are writing new materiel for the bands anticipated new release, and are in new label negotiations.

LAMB OF GOD have unleashed the bands riveting documentary "AS THE PALACES BURN (THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH THE FIRE)" in THEATERS 2/16/2014.

LAMB OF GOD unleashed "Resolution" 1/24/2012 via ROADRUNNER/EPIC RECORDS.

Working hard on the album. Heads down, focused work. The time off has done us all well and you will hear the difference. I'm hesitant to give it labels – they are always misconstrued and worthless. We are working on an album for ourselves. Like most artists we would enjoy knowing people like it, but that’s not the goal. We are writing from inside ourselves, not from notes taken from those around us. It sounds like Lamb of God.

We just got back from an incredible show in Japan! Amazing audience and energy. If feels so good to be back on stage and share our art again.

This coming Sunday is my birthday and I need two things: 1. the Washington NFL Football Team to win, and 2. to clean my basement to set up a little music area for my daughter and I in order to start our new band 'Thrash the Dead'. She's going to be playing keys and singing. I'm playing my new Roland e-drums. We're gonna try to bring that 80's keytar sound into a 2-piece death metal band.
Crazy as is sounds, the second of those birthday wishes seems actually more likely, but to do so, I have to get rid of all the items from my store. I may close it down since the band is starting up again and I don’t know how much time I'll have to update products and such. So..., please help me set the stage! Coupon code "quarter" will take 25% off your ENTIRE order. Get it now, I'm not sure it will be back.

Thanks everyone – have a great week! ~Chris

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-