Sunday, May 8, 2016


Promoters for DARK TROLL FESTIVAL 8, set to take place 5/25-27/2017 BURGRUINE SCHWEINSBURG, BORNSTEDT, GERMANY have confirmed WOLFCHANT and THE COMMITTEE.
More black and extreme metal bands for DARK TROLL FESTIVAL 8 (2017) T.B.A.

And it's good to go!!!!


On June 2009, a pagan/viking/folk/black metal spectacle under the name of “Black Troll Festival” (organized by a different company then) was born. For the next three years, the festival was held on June each year and it already gained fans and supporters who visited Schweinsburg (old castle ruins in East Germany) regularly to enjoy the magic of the “pagan/heathen” music.

After 2011, the festival sadly had to give a break due to organizational matters. However, after a long pause, the 4th edition of the festival under the name of DARK TROLL FESTIVAL (under a new organization this time) was held on May 2013 at the same place. The two-day festival in 2013 had to be extended to three days in 2014 and the good part about this extension was that the first day of the festival (5th edition) in 2014 was an official holiday in all of Germany.

On the other hand, the sudden death of our long-time friend and co-organiser cast a cloud on all the preparations (for the 5th edition of the festival for 2014) and made us think whether we should cancel everything and disappear completely. Nevertheless, we gathered our courage and managed to pull through because he would have wished for us to continue and to make the dream come true. The fans thanked us because of this and the involvement of the fans increased by amount compared to 2013 and the years beforehand.

The 6th edition which was in 2015 was the first sold out one, so we have to think about solutions for giving all our guests enough space for camping
The tradition to organise a three-day festival on May in an official holiday still remains. Meanwhile, the preparations for the 7th edition of the festival continue.

Last year, Black/Dark Troll festival impressed the fans with the line-up of extraordinary bands. Supporters of heathen/pagan metal as well as black metal “invaded” the best festival site of the world (yes, it is the best festival place indeed. If you have doubts about it, you should definitely visit the festival and be convinced!)

… and this year, the roofs of the old castle ruins of Schweinsburg (in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt) will be raised again! Not only does the magical location offer a tourist attraction but also the confirmed bands so far.
Confirmed acts 2016: Black Messiah, Thrudvangar, Thyrgrim & Obscurity

Worth mentioning:
Since 2013, a small German camp pitches on the hillside behind the castle tower and show how the lifestyle then may have seemed like.
Even from other countries such as Belgium (Flandern), the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and even from the UK visit us and have become our regulary guests.
It is also worth mentioning that during our festival, some bands had their first shows in Germany! For example bands such as Lux Divina (ES), Caladmor (CH), Celtachor (IRL), Falloch (UK), Saor (UK) and Kauan (UN) played their first shows in Germany at Dark Troll Festival. In 2016, some premieres of some bands are also planned!

Dark Troll Festival is promising for every metalhead who wants to have an extraordinary musical pleasure!

Due to the limited place in the castle ruins and in the sports field, the tickets are limited!!!

Buy your tickets now and guarantee your attendance to Dark Troll Festival… it’s worth it! 

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-