Thursday, May 5, 2016


Sounds like a few local wingnuts are following ITP V.016 whom are badly behaved, could be heard all the way down the block (95 Green Street and some wingnut verbally stalking ITP and making delusional comments in my house or next door), and are making threats in denial of their own drug and alcohol abuse problems.

Yelling and screaming threats at 4 AM (causing insomnia), keeping me awake, harassing me and making stupid comments, associating with a wingnut drug addict neighbor whom we hate, confronting me while I'm on the phone, stalking me, aggressively pan handling, and trying to censor ITP (in all their paranoia) as I'm female when I said no, I mean NO. Bring it mofo's. We'll send a cease and desist and DMCA (as I've sent out many since 2014) to them soon.

Also friends of mine (including bandmates) are annoyed by them, and their delusional conspiracy theories are around if there is a problem.

I've been sick with hacking cough, painful sore throat for about two weeks. 
STAY AWAY FROM ME perverts, or I'll arrest and sue them.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-