Saturday, December 3, 2016


Promoters for SUMMER BREEZE OPEN AIR 2017 (20th ANNIVERSARY), set to take place 8/16-20, 2017 DINKELSBUHL, GERMANY have confirmed SONATA ARCTICA, HAVOK, DELAIN, AUGUST BURNS RED, GORGUTS, AMON AMARTH.  and more extreme metal bands.

More extreme metal bands for SUMMER BREEZE OPEN AIR 2017 T.B.A.

As a thank you that you give us for 20 years you have kept the loyalty we have for you the band bound, in the last few years, most notably on the wish lists in the first place: Amon Amarth!
With great distance were johan and co. As a request and favorite band as of you, so that the Vikings could not do otherwise than to our anniversary gene dinkelsbühl to drive. With some of the fats in the luggage, surprises as befits an official birthday party heard. Which one? Of course that will not betray. Who paved the way, the amon amarth and the summer breeze for countless years to go together, has pursued can think that the boys will pull out all the stops in order to surprise you. So looking forward to a fat party in Essex, the all past Amon Amarth-shows at the summer breeze like a children's birthday party will look like.


As a thank you for 20 years of loyalty, we booked THE band that most clearly led all your wish lists in the last few years: AMON AMARTH!
Johan and Co. were by far your most demanded and loved band, so the vikings didn't have a choice but to come to Dinkelsbühl for our anniversary. Plus they will bring a few massive surprises, as is fit for a proper birthday party. What surprises? We obviously won't answer that one, but those who have followed the path that AMON AMARTH and SUMMER BREEZE have gone together over countless years can imagine that the guys will pull all the stops in order to surprise you. So look forward to a massive party in Dinkelsbühl, which will make all past AMON AMARTH shows at SUMMER BREEZE like a kids' birthday party.

 Few bands have as much experience as Canada's GORGUTS. They have never been prone to trend-hopping and quickly reserved a place among the world elite of their genre. The Canadians played an important part in the first wave of death metal, and over the years they have turned into one of the most progressive and influential bands in extreme metal.
At SUMMER BREEZE 2017 the men led by Luc Lemay will show what all the hype is about. There will be balanced yet super heavy death metal fare that is not easily digestible, but from which Dinkelsbühl will feed for a long time. Because when something as heavy as GORGUTS rolls through Franconia, it will leave its mark. And you can witness it all.

 Girl Power From Holland is always with us, which is why we saw the Dutch by delain for 2017 after dinkelsbühl has been invited.
A little out of necessity-born troop has struggled with their orchestral bombast symphonic metal become firmly established, which not only to the successful compositions of the hollies is located, but not least the characteristic tube the charming Charlotte Wessels, the it live as well as on plate Well understands, delain with their distinctive vocals to imprint. And that it worked very well for years, and the band have long been the blunt Gothic / Symphonic-footsteps has outgrown, is not only the last studio album, " Moon Bathers ' proved to be, but also the Dutch in 2017 in Singapore.


Dutch girl power is always welcome at our festival, which is why we have invited the Netherlands' DELAIN to Dinkelsbühl for 2017.
Born somewhat out of necessity, the bombastic symphonic metal group have long established themselves as a major name, something that cannot solely be attributed to their accomplished compositions, but also to the characteristic voice of their charming singer Charlotte Wessels, who manages to put her stamp of identity on the band, both on record and live. And that the band has long left behind the dull gothic/symphonic shtick is something not only their last studio album 'Moonbathers' is proof of, but that the Dutch will also prove in Dinkelsbühl in 2017.

 HAVOK confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

Thrash Metal is always an option, or?! When a few years ago in a whole wave of many young, hungry thrash metal bands in the light of the world saw the following confirmation was at the forefront: Havok from Colorado!
The originating from Denver band look now on a 12-Year-old career and was able to get back on the stage, as well as on their albums with their fresh esprit and convince the thrash. At its premiere on the summer breeze, the guys you want to prove that good old thrash metal for a long time and is not dead - just live - still an awful lot of fun. Check out the combo from and supports havok with their projects and you will be happy and content can go home again...


Thrash metal never gets old, does it?! A few years ago, a whole wave of young, hungry thrash bands saw the light of day, and the following confirmed band was there, leading the pack: Colorado's HAVOK!
Hailing from Denver, the band can already look back on a 12-year career, in which they have managed to convince countless fans with their youthful spirit and straight-ahead thrash metal. At their SUMMER BREEZE debut the guys want to prove that the good old thrash is far from dead yet and is still a lot of fun – especially live. Check out this combo and support HAVOK in their endeavour and you will be able to go home happy and fulfilled.

Sonata Arctica confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

At the summer breeze 2017 breaks the ninth hour to: Sonata Arctica come to umpteen years of abstinence and finally back to your lieblingsfestival!
With in the luggage, the master of the melodic power metal their new album " the ninth hour ', which is all the trademarks of Finns perfect sets the scene. But with an impressive discography, as you sonata arctica now should be able to demonstrate the Finns, not only on new beauts, but with you on a journey through the history of the band, so that even followers of the old material can be satisfied. Who wants to use the metal with a lot of melody and catchy ness like, you should have the appearance of sonata arctica than fixed part on his to-do list.


The ninth hour starts at SUMMER BREEZE 2017: after several years of absence, SONATA ARCTICA finally return to our favourite festival!
Under their belts, the masters of melodic power metal have their new album 'The Ninth Hour', which perfectly highlights all of the Finns' trademarks. However, with the extensive discography SONATA ARCTICA have amassed, the Finns will probably not just rely on new hits, but invite you on a trip along memory lane, which should make fans of their earlier material happy, too. If you like your metal melodic and catchy, you should put the SONATA ARCTICA show on your to-do list as a must-do.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-