Sunday, December 24, 2017



ITP's author is fighting a possible or pending eviction as a hold over tenet,  as I'm NOT in arrears (rent is paid in full). ITP's author was on a lease in 2015-2016, and month to month there after.
In fact, the eviction notice I was served has a totally different last name, not my last name.This clerical error of my last name is significant as there are other people with that last name (not me), and it makes the bureaucracy of civil law far more frustrating for everyone.
Specifically no cause, discriminatory, retaliatory evictions of a tenet whom is NOT in arrears F**K YOU!!!

No thanks to nazis and misogynists whom can't spell.
ITP V.017 has fully documented on this blog (out of context to music), enduring for two years the constant sexual, gender, and harassment via vandalism as I see this eviction is retaliatory and discriminatory as discrimination complaints have been sent out.

The after effects of sexual harassment, over some dude I'm not interested in, (could never be, a neighbor forcing me to see him naked on the second floor hallway as I was walking up the stairs)  is hurtful and devastating and needless to say, I'm very angry and would love to sue.

Needless to say, I'm, looking for a new place regionally, any ideas, let me know.

As, considering the adverse circumstances, don't expect ITP V.017 to blog much, not everyday.
I'm simply waay to busy (and depressed) over this to have the time to blog right now. A few more ITP journals entries for 2017, and it will be 2018, with perhaps a slow start to the new year. 
In fact, ITP is practically done for 2017 as I'll hopefully post a best of 2017 soon.

ITP will be back in 2018..
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-