Saturday, December 30, 2017

WORSHIP: "There it is, the good news I was hinting at. WORSHIP will play Roadburn 2018! Yeah! Please see my comment for more details and words about this and other important issues..."

German funeral doom legends WORSHIP have confirmed the bands appearance for ROADBURN 2018 (METAL/DOOM FESTIVAL), set to take place 4/19, 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2018 @ 013, TILBURG, NETHERLANDS.

WORSHIP are set to release "DUSK OF LEGION, MORNING OF ONE", due to be unleashed in 2018 (release date T.B.A. ?) via WEIRD TRUTH (JAPAN). MORE INFO T.B.A.





things that didn't work out, almost worked out, worked out but then suddenly got canceled again - we had a very bad stretch of these disappointing things - NOW there is a great gig coming up at the wonderful famous festival, with a very special set. See the link for the official statement by the festival and some details. JUST the hard deadline I need to finish things here, which brings us to the next thing:

I put a lot of effort into keeping the next weeks free, so I can use the quiet time of the year for the last steps needed to complete our overdue album. I am looking forward to this a lot, and having an important event at the horizon gives me an absolute unmovable deadline, and these work well with me. This also gives me an okay chance to survive an encounter with our fans without being instantly crucified because of the lateness of our album and everything around it. I don't say the chance is 0%, but it's a good enough chance for me (and my band, for that matter, they hate the delays almost as much as me and you, and they would hate this to be an overshadowing issue).

Let me restate, I feel and respect your anger, disappointment and frustration, and I do not dismiss them easily. Even when the album is done and ready, you can of course STILL be angry etc. for the huge delays, for taking part in a messed-up preorder and for me addressing those issues so badly. Let me explain again if I may, during the darkest days, the feeling of being a failure, the disappointment etc. was so heavy, I couldn't face addressing them. They were like oil to the flames of depression, and my gut reaction yanked me away without my active decision. Promising a solution, and then being unable to fulfill it, that was even worse! So I sometimes shied away from feedback, and stopped announcing deadlines (because breaking them feels worse every time). It was my first time, I messed it up pretty bad.

Today, I feel much much better. No comparison. It feels distant, like some weird dude doing those things in a different time. I take responsibility, but more like you take responsibility for sth your son did, or your drunken self, without being able to fully relate. Today, it's mostly time and the actual work that stands in the way. The last half year was all over the place concerning work, I never worked so much away from home (and thereby away from my studio), making anything above the slowest progress impossible. But I used that time to plan and protect studio time for Worship in December, and here we are. I also used the time to build up motivation, and actual anticipation, for doing the work.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-