Monday, April 12, 2010



A freind of ours stuck his butt in our face as another freind helped him file taxes stating, "ok I'm ready now, I'm ready to do my taxes, I'm a good boy"....and he would like some anal lube with that. ..Don't know what to say about all these TEA PARTY's, lmao. I'm a BIG proponent of TEA as a beverage and if you guys think you're going to waste some good tea, well, donate it to ME. The American Tea Party movement will be at it's peak on TAX DAY in 2 days. The BOSTON TEA PARTY was a great idea, "no taxation without representation", as Bostonian s "dumped the tea from the Boston Hawba" a protest of British rule, as hint of a need for independence from England.
FROM WIKEPEDIA: "Tea Party February 1st?," which was posted in direct response to President Obama's inauguration occurring on the same day, and railed against the bailouts, the US national debt and "the fraud and abuse in our banking and financial system" which included the predatory lending practices currently at the center of the home mortgage foreclosure crisis.[40]
However, now, I've never heard such bitching amongst my middle and working class friends about filing there taxes, and when they explained, I understood.
It's unfortunate that this NEO TEA PARTY movement got hijacked by a bunch of fucking conservatives as many libertarians are conservative anyway.. This NEO TEA PARTY is all about getting big government off there backs. HMMM. Is there anything WRONG with the idea of socialized health care and why should an American citizen be denied health care because they can't afford it. What's the matter, afraid that privatization of services will go out of style? LOL.
However, ya might want to throw a TEA PARTY if you happen to be taxed for something that isn't practical:
* If you're GAY, and gay marriages aren't legal in your state, why should you pay taxes if you're not treated equally? No taxation without representation.
** Oh, my least favorite local community leaders whom are not in touch with the needs of their fellow citizens had there little "middle school project" voted down, VOTED down. I understand that we have to hold a bake sale to fund schools and blah, blah. Most New Paltz, New Yorkers are college students whom have no dependents as of yet, and are going home for summer and winter break. Why would one expect them or people whom have no dependents to pay for a school they are not enrolled in, in a receding economy when people are struggling to pay college tuition, mortgage and property taxes. Why in the FUCK should people pay taxes for a town they don't live in, with no dependents, and an excessive property tax. Pfft. Please, the town of New Paltz voted that middle school project down by a sound margin. Tight budget, and perhaps maybe it's the messenger and not just the message. Go to Albany and blame THEM for school budget cuts before you tax the struggling and retired via property taxes.
*** Being taxed for a war that I don't believe in (invasion of Iraq, and the middle East "shock and awe") sponsored by oil companies greed and a hatred for some douchenozzle of a dictator that the USA installed whom won't submit to U.S. corporate interests. Douchenozzles on both sides will always be douches. We spend more money on the military, then wonder why we can't fund schools. Ya pay for wars with excessive taxes and sometimes your life. It was really awkward explaining to friends whom ended up in the military after graduating college, "Wow I'm so glad you were discharged".
**** I understand that our state is tip toeing around eggshells regarding balancing the budget. "The would you rather be taxed for the air you're breathing or cut priority budgets theory," comes to mind. Yeh, let's have an all volunteer bake sale to monitor our parks. Albany, NY needs to cough up the tax refunds because they cut the budget on a healthy pastime, and a tourist attraction close to home.
***** I've heard of the predatory lenders vs. the capitalist mentality of Americans and yes, some people don't manage well on what they have, it's not necessary to keep up with the joneses. However, these banks are more than just predatory, they are flat out fraudulent, on no, the federal reserve is producing a debt we as country we'll never be able to pay. ..And we should bail out these fraudulent banks with risky investments on Wall Str??!? Bail out the little person, whom only has the best intentions, the person whom worked in a factory for 20 years whom got laid off at the auto plant and can't keep up with inflation. Bail out the people whom mean well whom are getting ripped off as this is not jane or john doe's character flaw or the average person being in over their economic head. No standard of living increase for the disabled and ederly on SSI/SSD whom paid into the system, where are out priorities?
I'm really beginning to think that my country is oppressive, and I don't want to feel that way, as crooks in and out politics are making it so oppressive here.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-Bend over for TAX DAY, WAVES
OH BTW there is always the national debt clock at Times Square to forever remind us: U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK The Outstanding Public Debt as of 13 Apr 2010 at 02:55:50 PM GMT is: $ 1 2 , 8 4 0 , 9 9 8 , 5 3 3 , 2 7 0 . 7 5