Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FINNTROLL, WINTERSUN, FORBIDDEN Confirmed For Bloodstock Open Air 2011 August 12 - 14 2011 Catton Hall, , UK

FINNTROLL, WINTERSUN and FORBIDDEN are the latest metal acts to be confirmed for 2011's BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR set to take place August 12 - 14 2011, Catton Hall, UK.
With a headline cast boasting MOTORHEAD, W.A.S.P and IMMORTAL, BLOODSTOCK announces another 3 fantastic acts for this summer’s festival.

One of the leading names in the folk/pagan metal scene, FINNTROLL returns to

BLOODSTOCK after a rapturous reception back in 2007. Originally conceived as the result of a night of alcholic carnage, when in a moment of inspiration, original guitarist Teemu “Somnimum” Raimoranta (RIP) and former vocalist Jan “Katia” Jamsen conceived of a band that fused the darkness and grandeur of black metal with the traditional Finnish hoedown-music. The resultant sound was FINNTROLL.

Joining them will be Fellow Finnish folk-freaks WINTERSUN, who’s set at BLOODSTOCK this year will be highly anticipated after they were forced to pull out the 2009 event to complete their still to be released “Time” album, expected later this year. Featuring members from some of the top names in the Finnish metal scene including Ensiferum, Rotten Sound and Norther, WINTERSUN are something of a super-group, with the various members influences combining to create a unique blend of melodic death and power metal with a heavy folk flavour that is bound to go down a storm with the BLOODSTOCK crowd.

Also added to the line-up are reformed US Thrash legends FORBIDDEN. The recently reformed thrashers released their first album in over 13 years last October, after too-long a hiatus. “Omega Wave”, released via Nuclear Blast records, received rave reviews in the British metal media and was rapturously received by fans, who lapped up the 12 tracks of no nonsense, back-to basics thrash on offer. Find out why FORBIDDEN are one of the most highly regarded acts of the 80s/90s US thrash scene at this, their first UK Festival appearance.
Born out of the desire to build a festival the like that had not been seen since the glory days of Donnington's Monsters of Rock, two individuals from totally different backgrounds came together to bring their fellow Metalheads the best Metal festival in the UK, BLOODSTOCK.

Organisers Paul Gregory and Vince Brotheridge first came together when Paul was looking for someone to build his website. Paul met Vince through a mutual friend and soon it became apparent that although their backgrounds differed, their taste in music didn't. After a succession of meetings they agreed to form Amust4music, the umbrella for all bloodstock.

Paul has lived in Derby since he was born, so when he and Vince were looking for a venue for Bloodstock, the Derby Assembly Rooms seemed the ideal solution, surrounded by pubs local eateries and accommodation.

They have the location they had the name, all they needed now was an identity an image to help establish Bloodstock's roots, this is when Paul had the idea of using some of Derby's folk law, 'The Derby Ram' ( No one knows for sure who first spotted 'the finest ram that ever was fed on hay'. Legend has it that this fabulous, fearsome beast was ten yards tall, had a tail like a bell-rope, and the teeth of a regiment of men. The butcher who finally slaughtered the ram was said to have drowned in its blood ).

After Paul painted the first image he decided to give the beast a name, so a competition was held and the name was given, 'S-tan', the name was given by a fan, for fans by fans.

The first headlining band confirmed to play Bloodstock's first show in 2001 was Saxon. This came about as Paul had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of the Band 'Saxon' and their indomitable singer Biff Byford in 1984. He was commissioned to do the artwork for the album and the stage designs, the album was 'Crusader', now a classic in the annals of rock. Paul has painted ten albums to date for the band and has developed a great friendship with Biff and the boys. Saxon were very supportive of Bloodstock and were happy to Headline the very first one day show, alongside Primal Fear, Glenn Hughes, Blaze, Skyclad, Return To The sabbat and many more.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-