Friday, March 25, 2011

Negură Bunget - Poartă de dincolo MCD - audio preview

Negura Bunget logo
Romanian black metal warriors NEGURA BUNGET are previewing a new track from the up coming Poartă de dincolo MCD: La marginea lumii (Outskirts of the world).
We are happy to present a preview track from the upcoming Poartă de dincolo MCD: La marginea lumii (Outskirts of the world). The track is now available on Reverbnation, Facebook and Myspace. The MCD will be released officially on April 25.
The material was recorded at Negura MUSIC studio. As the name suggests it, Poartă de dincolo (A gate from the above or Carrying from the other side) focuses on exploring the relation between worlds, either from above, under or beyond... The four tracks of the MCD present a spiritual travel to the possibilities of our inner being, reflected on the world above and beyond, on our ethereal and material being. Symbolical meanings engraved in the deepest corners of our mind open the world's mysteries… Long forgotten symbols empower the soul to recognize and expand the limits of our very existence. All is inside, all is on the outside.
Poartă de dincolo is the last Negură Bunget material to be released by code666 Records marking the end of a collaboration started almost 10 years ago.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-