Monday, March 28, 2016

ABIGOR: "Many of us musicians in deed are magicians, priests, servants, soldiers - but the devil´s poets is what we need to be on the next album, to be released by Avantgarde Music by the end of this year."

Austrian black metal warriors ABIGOR have outlined 2016 plans and projects, including various re-issues and a new release (release date, title T.B.A.), due to be unleashed fall 2016 via AVANTGARDE RECORDS.


„the next thousand years are ours“...
… but let us focus on 2016 for now. We made clear that we try to avoid contributing to the oversaturated „market“ and will not flood the mailorders with merchandise and re-releases. Yet there are a few things planned for this year, some ideas and projects are in our vaults for a while but now the time is right.
1. Leytmotif Luzifer on tape
AVANTGARDE kindly licensed this album to W.T.C. who have released a line of great quality cassettes in the past. And after a few obstacles we had to overcome, as usual when you demand a certain quality level, now it´s ready to be shipped. Watch the WTC store the coming week:
Quiet naturally, without consciously planning but acknowledging His will, there was another LL released - THY DARKENED SHADE´s Liber Lvcifer I, and it felt like a brother album to our own LL. The same focus on the more sophisticated side of Black Metal is present in both works, while at the same time, diabolical doxology forged into sonics proved both releases stem from the same source and point to the same aim. We submit to this and there is a very limited double tape box available, wraped in glorious gold to praise the grandeur of the devil. Exclusive ABIGOR & TDS patches are added for those of you who want to show your colour. We take this chance to thank Mr. Ben Zodiazepin for his ongoing layout support.

2. Kingdom Of Darkness on 7“
NUCLEAR WAR NOW will be printing Norway´s IMHOTEP magazine for the new world, and we have taken the chance to re-record the most important ABIGOR hymn, Kingdom Of Darkness. We asked Tharen (back then called Rune), who already did the 1993 demo version, to contribute the vocals. But not performing like he does on the excellent new AMESTIGON album, rather bringing back the atmosphere of the original. This turned out excellent and won´t be anything like the useless „modernized“ re-recordings but a true glimpse into the past. Our aim was to flare the original flame of the old days, as statement concerning the present BM scene, somehow disoriented in parts, lacking the ancient extremism and danger. Kingdom Of Darkness was reckless and uncompromising, just as Black Metal has to be. To underline this, Mr. Unhold has contributed passionate screams of torture and of victory.…/kingdom-of-darkness-2016-exc…
3. Quintessence on vinyl
AVANTGARDE MUSIC will send the vinyl version of Quintessence to press in the coming weeks, which we had in mind for quiet a long time and now feels right before the next steps into the future are made. The limited LP version will still represent the rougher side of BM, not at least considering the source (the story of the 2011 2xCD is known by now) but more dynamic in sound than the CD version - and like the A5 release it will include ABIGOR´s early demos, with lux devicta est surely being one of our most important recordings.

4. new album on AVANTGARDE 2016
Right after the recording of the multi-layered Leytmotif Luzifer, the three of us (PK, TT and Silenius) discussed the need for a rougher, riff-oriented album with longer parts and less guitar layers. Something that focuses on a kind of ugly and distorted but also melodic side and doesn´t try to bend the borders of sophistication at all costs. We wouldn´t exactly call it „oldschool“, but certainly getting rid of the constant urge to step beyond the past with every new album.
Complex and dissonant Black Metal these days isn´t mastered by a few spearheads anymore, any demo level band spreads out into complex, often harmonically „out there“ fields - and more than often not with the required art and craft for such musical style. As listeners, these days we find hundreds of second rate versions of mid to late 00s Deathspell Omega or furious Antaeus ´blood libels´ style, and there surely are a lot of retro / pseudo-oldschool albums out there. But where are the furious milestones like Nattens Madrigal or Apokalypsens Ängel? Works of profound songwriting and outstanding quality that sonically accompany Belial´s army storming towards the heavens, or tell of the fundamental evil in man? Also lyrically - all philosophy, theology and magick aside, few works are out there that paint pictures in the listener´s head anymore. Albums which are still based on the satanic profoundness that is rightfully demanded these days but also do the term ´poetry´ justice? Many of us musicians in deed are magicians, priests, servants, soldiers - but the devil´s poets is what we need to be on the next album, to be released by Avantgarde Music by the end of this year.

5. And then... out for the next issue of The Sinister Flame, with whom we lead a conversation that was second to none.
We have a high quality LP version of Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint in mind, correcting a few visual issues that the original split with Blacklodge lacked in print.
And once we find a solution to the ongoing discussion with Napalm about our old albums, these will be made available on CD again.
We started bouncing back and forth ideas with Mr. Joseph Olynyk of Nigrum Serpentis for the first and only official ABIGOR backpatch.
And one final Tshirt reminiscent of our early days will see the darkness of the night this year, too.

Last but not least, our joint work with MORTUUS, NIGHTBRINGER and THY DARKENED SHADE will be available before the eternal summer´s beams will burn your flesh again - but this will be revealed seperately soon, watch this space.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-