Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Italian Pagan black metal warriors BRUNNDL, via BANDCAMP, are streaming the bands debut release "BRUNNDL", unleashed 3/1/2016 via GROM RECORDS.

BRUNNDL unleashed a DEMO (2014-SELF RELEASED).


Brünndl signed with GROM Records!
Italian Black Metal band Brünndl signed with Grom Records for the release of their debut album out in February 2016.
Brünndl is a black pagan band coming from the lands included between Bassano del Grappa and the highlands of Asiago, North-eastern Italy. Gathered since 2010, the band owes its name to the ancient Germanic definition of the river Brenta, which runs aside the highland and breaks through Bassano.
The root brun- refers to the meaning “spring, source, font”, as the origin of all comes from water, specifically in this case, a river; and this band’s inspiration too.
On these highlands people used to speak a very old Germanic dialect, known as Tzimbar, a language which brings in its words powerful and untold meanings, which are constantly researched by the band.
From their isolated ancestors and their culture, the members draw the other side of their inspiration. They were just woodsmen, shepherds, hut’s owner, born where Norse mythology meld with Venetic tradition in a mixture that is still alive now, even if rare and probably doomed to disappear.
Asiago is a melting pot, as a cauldron where different elements were put together to get a real balance formulation.
Songs are sung both in Tzimbar and Italian, texts are about heritage and nature, folklore, alchemy and philosophy hidden behind legends or simple stories. The great expressed through simplicity.
This new disc as well as the first demo is a journey, each song is a step to arrive at the ending where a new awareness can be found: in fact, it is a kind of realistic myth or dreamlike path in five chapters and an interlude.
Raw and folk sounds, screams and choirs, they all come in one to spread deep contrasting feelings, in order to share the band’s thoughts and emotions with the listener.
It is an experience of old school black metal which would open itself to new horizons, by means of alpine heritage and unusual lyrics.

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