Tuesday, May 16, 2017

SHINING: "Tonic Lounge has decided to cancel the Shining show that was scheduled for this Wednesday, May 17th. All tickets will be refunded."

Promoters for Portland, Oregon music venue the TONIC LOUNGE have CANCELLED Swedish depressive black metal legends SHINING'S 5/17/2017 show after an alleged incident at the bands 5/14/2017 show at THE SHREDDER in BOISE, IDAHO.

SHINING vocalist NIKLAS KVARFORTH was caught on security camera physically chasing after and confronting a concert attendee at THE SHREDDER  (BOISE, IDAHO) and used questionable and UN-PC nazi salutes and language. 


Big ups to Chris and the Tonic Lounge in Portland for making a choice decision! No need to put up with bigotry and childish bullshit. Especially from an individual that only preys on the weaker people in attendance.

Tonic Lounge has decided to cancel the Shining show that was scheduled for this Wednesday, May 17th.
All tickets will be refunded.

We regret having not researched this band more before approving their show. After booking them, it was brought to our attention that Shining’s singer has done and said many things that could be considered offensive, dangerous, or destructive. While we were learning about and considering these issues, the list continued to grow, including a recent report that the he may have been involved in the drugging of someone’s drink. This morning we received a call from a trusted friend in Boise Idaho, detailing the events that took place while Shining were there on Sunday. We were told that the singer of Shining went to the local punk bar Mulligans before their concert, and was groping women and threatening to stab employees, and had to be removed. We were also told that later, while performing at The Shredder, he used many blatant racist and homophobic slurs on stage, threatened audience members with rape, slapped audience members in the face, and was sieg heil saluting repeatedly throughout their performance. Sometimes words and allegations on the internet can be difficult to navigate, but a story like this coming from a friend is not. The above types of behavior are simply not acceptable at Tonic Lounge. This isn’t about censorship. This is about protecting our venue, our staff, and our patrons.
This decision was not made under pressure by any individuals or political groups. We believe in freedom of expression and are not quick to pull the plug on any band booked at our club. However, we are not going to invite someone into our space to spout hate speech on our stage, and/or put our staff and patrons in harm’s way. We are still in full support of Famine Fest Presents, the other bands who were on the bill, and all of our friends and customers who planned on attending. We hope you all can respect our decision to do what’s best for our club and those within it.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-