Saturday, April 18, 2015


I've been trying to move out of my home for subsidized housing.  My landlord Charlie Plunkett LLC is holding $700.00 of my security deposit as I'm holding unpaid rent to get the hell out of dodge. Charlie Plunkett LLC has not given me my security and has not proven to me where it is as I've never gotten any interest on it (security is supposed to be held in escrow and the landlord has to prove what bank it's in and give tenants the interest at least annually) . I told the Superintendent (I don't know the landlords address nor phone number)  I'm trying to move by spring 2015, he has not given me my security back.
My landlord ( I'm month to month for 4 years since 5/2011) gave me a three day notice to pay or quit 9 days ago.
Now he gives me a petition for eviction with a court date in 6 days.

Of course in New York and American eviction courts (even month to month) I'm entitled to 30 DAYS NOTICE (after 4 years of living here) as I've never gotten nor been served that paper work, as he's skipping a part of the process.
Last week, I filed complaints with the city building inspector whom inspected my apartment (4/6/2015) and was due to inspect the entire property last TUESDAY 4/14/2015.

I'll probably defend myself (with an attorney) with "improper service",  and "retaliatory", "lack of 30 days notice", disability, as we had no heat for three days during the winter of 2015, (once during the winter JANUARY of 2014) once during a potential buyer coming on the property (January 2015) as this house is on the market and the roof was leaking.
The superintendent had a non nonchalant attitude about the heating issues, he wasn't at home the weekend of late FEBRUARY 2015 ( 2/20/2015 and my rent was paid), the whole house was freezing as the heating system heats the entire building, radiators in common areas, including an elderly neighbor's across the hall were OFF (I checked) as the lack of heat rendered the whole BUILDING uninhabitable.
DATES OF HEATING OUTAGES 1/14/2015 2/20 and 2/24/2015.PAUL E. CARLSON (helping out the landlord) was on the property coming out of the basement with a can of paint.
The landlord has barely told the tenets the house is on the market in writing and never gave us any written nor verbal notice of any potential buyers looking to scope our units. The superintended makes no repairs unless there is consequences, as the whole drama started when he started blaming his own tenets for his annual building inspection, bullying and booking it on my birthday..
The landlord refused to exterminate until I told him too, and building inspector steps in. 
However, the real estate for sale sign was on our front porch fall 2014, now removed.

Noisey neighbors as I'm entitled to quite , peacefully enjoyment of my apartment has also been an issue. 
Also stolen mail, only returned after the event expired, and small fridge  manipulated from me via the superintendent.

I'm entitled to 30 days notice, and he (the landlord) has my security.
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Friday, April 17, 2015


Former (and original) BLACK SABBATH drummer BILL WARD has responded to OZZY OSBOURNE's comments on his in-ability to record and perform with BLACK SABBATH during the bands recent re-union.
This week, OZZY OSBOURNE stated  "What the fuck are you on about? I cannot apologize for comments or opinions I may have made about you in the press during Sabbath’s “13” album and tour-- physically, you knew you were fucked. Tony, Geezer and myself didn’t think you could have done a two hour set with a drum solo every night, so we made the decision to move on. "

BILL WARD did NOT participate in BLACK SABBATH's 2012/2013 reunion, nor did he record on BLACK SABBATH's comeback release "13" due to contract issues .          
BLACK SABBATH  recorded the bands latest release with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE drummer BRAD WILK.

BLACK SABBATH are currently in the studio recording one more final release to be followed by a final world tour.

BLACK SABBATH  released "13", unleashed 6/11/2013 via VERTIGO/REPUBLIC.

Bill addresses Ozzy's Facebook post.

1. You never wanted to discuss in a public forum. BUT, you did by making all these public comments during your interviews for the 13 album and tour. I was only responding in kind. Don’t forget why I spoke out. If you had talked to me and shared your opinions privately, we wouldn’t be here today.

2. I was ready and in shape to record. I knew I would need to get in better shape for the gigs –same as I have needed to do and have done in the past. I was beginning my workout regime to get “tour ready.” I knew what I needed to do to play the gigs, and I was confident I would be ready. I would not commit to an extensive tour without believing I could go all the way with it. I wouldn’t do that to our fans.

3. Shoulder Surgery. This was not a surgery that was an immediate necessity, or an emergency, or something that was prohibitive in terms of playing drums in Sabbath. It wasn’t anything like that. I would have elected to do the surgery after we finished touring, but since that didn’t come to pass, I scheduled it for the fall of 2013. My other surgery, yes was unexpected, but who among us knows what curve balls might be coming our way. Having had to recently cancel your own gigs, I think you could understand that and not hold someone to “what ifs”.

4. The “unsignable” contract isn’t a smokescreen – it’s the truth. I have been honest with our fans on where I stand. Your opinions of me are completely immaterial – they have nothing to do with my reason for not participating - the “unsignable” contract – that’s it. I wonder if I had signed it if any of this would have come up? I imagine we would have made an album and done a tour with the original line up in place.

Hey Oz,

It’s not going to work.

I can see you,

And, I read your statement.

Boy oh boy.

Well, I know I didn’t expect you to respond to my request of an apology. By the way, it’s pretty easy to go back and really look at what was truth and what was not.

I notice you’re including Tony and Geezer in being in full agreement, that with my health condition I couldn’t have played a two hour set with a drum solo. First time I’ve ever heard about a two hour show with a drum solo. But I’m asking you, not them. Why did you stay in the studio working with me? Why did we go to England for band rehearsals in August 2011? Why did we continue rehearsing in the Fall? Why did we make the announcement of 11/11/11? Why did you call me in late January 2012 asking me to come over to England to continue rehearsals? Why, if you thought I was so unhealthy, did you continue with me at all? You know why, Oz, because I was fine. I was playing. I was good to go.

I ran into no, zero, health problems until October 22nd 2013. Oz, I could have played my ass off in 2012, all the way through to October 22nd 2013. The shoulder operation was optional. It was quiet and I needed a wear and tear adjustment. I was fine. I could have gone without surgery. But listen to you, hitting back and hard, too.

I don’t believe a word of it. I am not an enemy. Eternity will show and serve as proof.

None of it, Oz.

I’m not going to own a fucking thing, other than I came into the studio initially overweight to tour, but not overweight to record. I was good to record. All of you know how much I put in, especially when I prepare to tour.

Your own anticipatory fear has got you by the balls. What fucking smokescreen, about an unsignable contract.

Yes, let’s get honest. I did.

It came out in my statement Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

I’m not playing (your quote). I never did. I don’t fuck with sincerity and honesty, period. I’ve done nothing but bring my truth to the fans. Man, you spin it real well. Sorry I can’t love you back, Oz. I put my love for you somewhere safe inside my heart in 2012 when your stories started showing up. It’s hard to love someone who thinks he’s telling the truth by making false claims, elitist comments and just plain rude statements.

It’ll show up, Oz, in your dreams, in your daily days. I’m clean and have nothing to feel doubtful about. All my actions have been of loyalty, honesty, and open-mindedness.

Stay safe old friend.

Sad we couldn’t roll it out for the fans one more time.

I read your speculation, and your what ifs, your doubts. I’m about as far away from being a victim as I am from Hell itself.

Following up on yesterday’s statement, there is a new interview with Bill on the Rolling Stone website. In this interview Bill answers a lot of questions about various issues regarding Black Sabbath, and clarifies in more detail some of the remarks from the statement. You can read the full interview over at the Rolling Stone website.…/black-sabbaths-bill-ward-i-do…


Dear Friends,
I hope you’re well and in good spirits. I have not made any public statements regarding my relationship with Black Sabbath since February 2012. Today, I want to address that relationship in this formal statement. Thank you.
I have neither severed nor discontinued my relationship with Black Sabbath, however, since 2012, the often inaccurate statements about me as a person and as a musician have caused me to be guarded and be especially detached emotionally and spiritually from Ozzy. His rhetoric above all has brought me the most discord. The continuing misguided information about me has established a necessity on my part to confront these issues. And now, with the imminent release of a new Bill Ward Band album, and the flurry of rumors about new Sabbath projects, I feel it appropriate to speak in a truthful and an un-cynical way.
There is always speculation about a true, original Sabbath lineup for the next tour or record. With a sad heart, I have to say I will not participate in any musical undertakings until a righting of the wrongs spoken against me has been achieved. I must admit, I have little to no expectations of this happening, but in the order of first things first, I’m looking for an honest accountability of all of Ozzy’s statements that I felt were untrue. I would want Ozzy to amend his opinions and exaggerations. I would want him to be forthcoming about his unrealistic viewpoints. And because I was chastised publicly, I would want him to amend publicly in his words, and not through an Ozzy representative, the nature of the wrongs. I would not want to continue on with him without this seemingly impassible dilemma being addressed. I don’t think previously strong relationships can remain strong after dispute by just sweeping the offensive stuff under the carpet, or by saying a puny sorry, or “oh, that’s all over now.” It doesn’t work like that for me. Righting of wrong works, and that’s what I want if I’m ever going to be his friend again.
Still undone and faraway is a “signable” contract. I would require a “signable” contract before moving one step toward a pathway that could lead to us all playing together again. I want a contract I can approve. That’s my truth. That’s my stand. I’ve listened to nothing but insults and false remarks, and if as a band or as individuals they wish to continue along the same lines, then any notion of an original Black Sabbath lineup will continue to fade away.
Put simply, it’s up to them. I have dearly missed playing with them and as people, I have been heartbroken over the loss of who I thought we were. And now you know where I stand.
Very soon my band, BWB will release a new album ironically called “Accountable Beasts.” I re- kick-started it in May 2012, and in an off and on journey to record, we have reached our final destination – a good mix, and a well mastered record. At this time we are putting the final touches on the digital booklet.
There are other multiple projects in different stages of progress, and I hope to bring more definitive news about them as things unfold this year. I have been very happy writing new songs, playing drums and working with other musicians. I have been blessed with musical visions and the ability to harness them. I’m moving into the future with an optimistic outlook.
For our many Sabbath fans, I love you all dearly. You are extremely special people. You fucking rock. I have been in deep regret since January 2012 that a true union was denied. I’ve remained faithful to you and honest with myself. Had I not been honest throughout I would have perished long ago. My hand is within yours, and I am encouraged to know you better. Stay safe and stay strong.
Now it is time to meet the circumstances of my statement and attend to what else is ongoing and before me.
Bill Ward

I never wanted to discuss this in a public forum but Bill's statements left me no option to but to respond honestly.
Wow Bill,
What the fuck are you on about? I cannot apologize for comments or opinions I may have made about you in the press during Sabbath’s “13” album and tour-- physically, you knew you were fucked. Tony, Geezer and myself didn’t think you could have done a two hour set with a drum solo every night, so we made the decision to move on. With Tony’s condition we felt that time was not on our side.
Bill, stop this smokescreen about an “unsignable contract” and let’s be honest. Deep down inside you knew you weren’t capable of doing the album and a 16 month tour. Unfortunately for you, our instincts were correct as you were in hospital several times during 2013. Your last hospitalization was for a shoulder surgery that you now say you’ve only just recovered from. This would have meant that our world tour would have been canceled. So how is all of this my fault? Stop playing the victim and be honest with yourself and our fans.
Bill, we go back a long way, let’s stop this now before it gets out of hand.
God bless you.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l- 


Promoters for BEYOND THE GATES IV 2015, set to take place 8/27-29/2015 BERGEN, NORWAY @ THE GARAGE  have confirmed MARDUK, ANGEL WITCH, TRIBULATION, ZEMIAL and more extreme metal acts.

That's it, folks. Marduk Official, Angel Witch, Tribulation (Official) and Zemial Official completes the Beyond the Gates line-up for 2015. What a ride it's going to be!
Get your Beyond the Gates passes here: They are flying!

 Bergen Metal Fest Presents:

Beyond the Gates 2015

Marduk Official
Angel Witch
Tribulation (Official)
Zemial Official
Morbus Chron
One Tail, One Head
Spectral Haze
Töxik Death
Grave Pleasures
Archgoat Official

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Swedish progressive death metal legends OPETH are planning a "homecoming" show, to coincide with the bands previously announced FALL 2015 25th ANNIVERSARY EUROPEAN SHOWS.
Confirmations and homecoming details to be announced. 

OPETH released "PALE COMMUNION", unleashed 8/26/2014 via ROADRUNNER RECORDS.

The 25th anniversary show in Paris on October 17th is now officially sold out with only a handful of VIP tickets still available.
More information and tickets for the anniversary tour can be found here:

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U.S. black metal project AKHLYS, via BANDCAMP,  have posted "The Dreaming I", the title track from the projects new release, due to be unleashed 4/20/2015 via DEBEMUR MORTI PRODUCTIONS.

AKHLYS "The Dreaming I" is streaming in its entirety via various media partners.

Akhlys - 'The Dreaming I' is streaming via the following media partners:

We are proud to give you the opportunity to discover THE Black Metal release of the year !!! Indeed, the monumental first Akhlys album, the new creation of Naas Alcameth (Nightbringer, Bestia Arcana), titled "The Dreaming I", is listenable in its entirety through our Bandcamp :
About this grandiose release, the music medias are unanimous :
"This is a fantastic piece of black metal and one which will help further guild the glorious pedestal which Alcameth should rightly be placed upon" (Ave Noctum)
"This is just sheer ferocity, with some of the best tremolo melodies I’ve heard this year, elevating things to cold, atmospheric heights" (Angry Metal Guy)
"This is a record that’s best suited for when you plan to leave the physical plane for whatever sleep or meditation brings you, when you’re most ready to confront the dark forces lurking in the rarely examined reaches of your mind." (Meat Mead Metal)
"Akhlys is yet another musical triumph for Alcameth " (The Metal Observer)
"This is stuff for the nihilistic misanthropes amongst us. This is the sort of music one doesn’t talk about. One had to undergo it. Let yourself be immersed. Let yourself be dragged along. Lights out, eyes closed and let yourself go." (Lords Of Metal)
You can purchase the beautiful digipack CD and 12" LP editions here :
The digital version is available through Bandcamp as well as through all other usual platforms.

Akhlys - "The Dreaming I"
AKHLYS, Naas Alcameth's (the genius behind Nightbringer) new band, is about to release its first album entitled, "The Dreaming I".
Here's a first excerpt, an edited version of "Consummation" :
The sumptuous art was created by David Herrerias and can be seen below.
You can pre-order the CD version at the following location :
"The Dreaming I" will be released on April 20th on both Digipack CD and Digital Download. A 12" LP versions is also at press and release date will be provided as soon as we get it.
"Breath and Levitation", second excerpt of the new Akhlys album "The Dreaming I"
Available for preorder (CD & LP) here :



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Thursday, April 16, 2015


L.A., California thrash legends SLAYER, via METAL INJECTION, are premiering "WHEN THE STILLNESS COMES" , a new track, on limited edition ( limited edition 5, 000) picture disc vinyl due to be unleashed  4/18/2015 (RECORD STORE DAY) via NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS.       

SLAYER are set to release a new offering SUMMER 2015 (release date T.B.A.) produced by TERRY DATE via NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS.

SLAYER drummer PAUL BOSTAPH has returned back to the band in replacement of DAVE LOMBARDO, whom was ousted from the band due to contract issues.

PAUL BOSTAPH left SLAYER in 2001, recording and touring with the band from 1992-2001.

SLAYER drummer DAVE LOMBARDO was suspended from playing SLAYER's Australian tour (SOUNDWAVE) because of contract and financial issues.  JON DETTE (TESTAMENT) filled in for SLAYER's DAVE LOMBARDO and also ANTHRAX drummer CHARLIE BENANTE during both bands AUSTRALIAN  touring commitments.

SLAYER guitarist JEFF HANNEMAN passed away 5/2/2013 from LIVER FAILURE "(Cirrhosis of The Liver").

SLAYER unleashed "World Painted Blood" 11/3//2009 on AMERICAN RECORDINGS/COLUMBIA.


The new Slayer band song is here and it definitely sounds like Slayer. Stream it and let us know what you think!


Thrash-metal titans Slayer band will release a new song, “When the Stillness Comes,” this weekend on a picture-disc for Record Store Day, but you can stream the eerie crusher now exclusively on Rolling Stone!
“It's about a dude who wakes up at a crime scene and realizes he's killed everybody,” says guitarist Kerry King, who also opens up about the band’s first album since the death of Jeff Hanneman.

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Norwegian black metal warriors TAAKE have released this statement in explanation of the routing of the bands anticipated  summer 2015 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR with WOLVHAMMER and YOUNG AND IN THE WAY. 

TAAKE released "STRIDENS HUNS" due to be unleashed 12/8/2014 via DARK ESSENCE RECORDS                                                                                                                                           TAAKE have released  "KULDE", (MCD) out NOW via  TAAKE's current 2014 EUROPEAN tour with NOCTEM and VALKYRIA.                                                                         

TAAKE unleashed a double CD of rarities entitled  “Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner” (Burial Chambers, Crowns and Thrones)  unleashed 3/1 and 4/2013 on DARK ESSENCE RECORD

Because of all the comments we have been receiving about the routing of the upcoming North American Tour and the disappointment many of you are expressing about the band not visiting your area, Taake (Official) have issued this statement: "We were actually offered a longer tour, but we don't like to tour more than 2 weeks in a row. Therefore we decided to do the East Coast first, then the West Coast as soon as possible.."

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-