Saturday, April 21, 2012


  April 21st, 2012 is officially the FIFTH annual INTERNATIONAL RECORD STORE DAY. In this age of digital music and media, the excitement of buying a physical release (in CD and vinyl) format is almost nostalgia. As in the 80's, music fans would wait in line at the record store on the release date for their favorite artists newest release. SUPPORT MUSIC, go to your local mom and pop/indie record store, browse the shelves and buy or order a CD, rare VINYL or/and a zine. 

 FROM RECORD STORE DAY: Each store will do its own thing. You can expect to see some amazing super rare vinyl (and some CDs and DVDs), tons of free music, and probably some killer prices. HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY! T
Electrical failure started the fire that destroyed a historic Exchange District block Thursday, arson investigators have ruled.
Damage at the Albert Street block, which was home to record store War on Music and Ken Hong Restaurant, is estimated at $630,000.
The block also contained a 135-year-old house. The fire broke out around 9:30 a.m. Thursday after electrical failure at a receptacle in the music store, the city’s arson strike force determined.
City crews began demolishing the block Thursday evening. The Royal Albert Arms next door sustained some damage in the blaze. It has been closed since May 2011 due to a water main break.
No injuries were reported in the fire.
Jackie Doming was in her suite at a nearby apartment shortly after the blaze broke out.
“I was just looking out my window and the whole side of the Royal Albert (Arms) Hotel was engulfed with flames,” said Doming, 22. “It was crazy how quick the fire spread.”
Ken Zaifman, the owner of the buildings and the nearby St. Charles Hotel, which is vacant, said the structures were destroyed, including the house.
“It’s, as they say, history,” he said.
The future of the block was already shaky. Zaifman had tried to get permission from city council to demolish the block for a surface parking lot. He was told he would be allowed to go ahead and tear down the buildings, if substantial renovations, including a sprinkler system, were done first and so far, they haven’t been.
On Thursday, Zaifman said the fire “might accelerate our plans a bit” but offered no timeline on redevelopment. The blaze will obviously disrupt business for the two tenants, said Zaifman, adding “no one wants to see that.”
FROM JACK's RHYTHMS (New Paltz, NY):  On Satrurday, April 21, Jack’s Rhythms will once again be taking part in Record Store Day! We will be opening at 9 AM and will have a bunch of Record Store Day exclusives in stock. These titles will be limited to one copy per customer on a first come, first serve basis; feel free to buy as many titles as you like, but we will strictly limit them to one per customer! Sorry, but we cannot put any of these titles aside or on hold. We will post the list of what RSD exclusives we will have for sale on Friday night, so check back then for an update… FROM MASTODON:  Mastodon will release a limited edition 7" vinyl in baby pink forRecord Store Day, which launches on 4/21. The A-side will feature the original Flaming Lips classic "A Spoonful Weighs a Ton", which Mastodon covers on the B-side. This will ONLY be available at selected indie retail stores. To find the nearest store, head over to FROM CATTLE DECAPITATION:  Today is RECORD STORE DAY! Go to your nearest record store, have them preorder our new CD Monolith of Inhumanity and swing by and pick it up on MAY 8th! Its already receiving rave reviews! Buy it and see what all the hype is about! FROM BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN:  In celebration of Record Store Day, visit your local, independent record store tomorrow, April 21, to get this limited edition 7" vinyl single of Rocky Ground/The Promise (Live from The Carousel, Asbury Park). Find a participating store at

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-SUPPORT MUSIC, ROCK THE VINYL-\m/ -l-