Sunday, April 29, 2012


ITP V.012 UPDATE: The "sowee, I have a habit of writing ITP REVIEWS late at night (with headphones on)"  as being tied down to headphones, the shitty bands get even shittier reviews. If your release sucks, ya know, It's sucks more to me if I'm tired, reviewing a  release becomes utter torture that late at night, tired, with non remote headphones on.  That's why I feature ITP blastback in case I over or underrated a release.

I do apologize to MITOCHONDRION as ITP V.011 reviewed the bands debut release (gave them a good review) and I'll be damned, I spelled the bands name wrong. :FACEPLANT: Understand, I'm not a "paid" writer, and blogging isn't top priority, despite the obsession in my life to do this. So I apologize, and even "overrated"  MITOCHONDRION  lmao, as they sound like PORTAL vs. INCANTATION in a drunken brawl, on a desolate, snowy mountain. ITP's author will eventually go back, regarding anytime I've mentioned MITOCHONDRION and revamp the spelling error. I'll be damned.  

The whole idea of reviewing releases during the DAY, or sitting on a review for a week, despite that I might be tired that late, is a no, no, where I'm currently situated, it's loud in this  house/neighborhood during the day, and concentration is impossible. Also, when ITP's author reviews releases, I'm LITERALLY writing while listening to the release, hence I stop, write, re-wind, fast forward, ect. As it has been suggested listening to the release FIRST, then writing, nah. I have to be listening to the release while writing.  

So, I stand corrected, NO ONE STRESS ME, OR STFU so I can get shit done. 

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-ITP V.012