Wednesday, April 18, 2012


American Bandstand, top 40 radio host, and media icon DICK CLARK has passed away (heart attack) at 82. Dick Clark consolidated music with radio and television media outlets to bring rock and roll into millions of households breaking a barrier and popularizing a music genre that defines multiple generations.

FROM PAUL STANLEY (KISS):  stated about the 82-year-old the youthful-looking television personality, who was dubbed "America’s Oldest Teenager": "As a little boy, I sat transfixed to our television every afternoon and Saturday night watching 'American Bandstand'Dick Clark was the face of rock and roll and its best ambassador. His decades of successes both in and outside of the music industry are unparalleled. He championed KISS when others turned away and was instrumental in breaking us through his show 'In Concert'. Through the years, Dick was always available when I had a question or wanted guidance. Dick Clarkwas the rare exception who was a bigger person in real life than the public image or legend that was also to be his legacy. I will remember him with great respect and gratitude."

FROM David Draiman (DISTURBED): "So sad, really thought he might be a vampire. Never seemed to grow old."

FROM Jeff Scott Soto (TALISMANYNGWIE MALMSTEENJOURNEY): "RIP, a legend, a pioneer of rock and roll, the guy who set the bar for DJs around the world, Dick Clark, you are an important part of history that will never be forgotten!!"

FROM Glenn Hughes (BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNIONBLACK SABBATH,DEEP PURPLE): "RIP to old friend Dick Clark: thanx for bein' part of ourCal Jam TV show."

FROM Kip Winger (WINGER): "RIP Dick Clark, we thought you'd live forever! Rockin' the heavens and beyond!

FROM Michael Sweet (STRYPER): "RIP Dick Clark — it was an honor to perform on 'American Bandstand' and to meet you back then. There was no one like you nor will there ever be." 

"I used to come home from elementary school to watch'American Bandstand'. It had all the new songs, all the new dances, and it had the happiest guy in the world presenting them to you. I had no idea that later in my career I would know Dick Clark on a professional level. I ran into him some years ago, and he said to me, 'Hey, Coop, if you had your own radio show, what would it be like?' I told him it would be more like the free form FM stations of the '60s, where the DJ’s actually played what they liked and demographics didn't play a role. He said, 'Alice, why don't you do it then?' Just like that, my radio show, 'Nights With Alice Cooper', was born. It's been nine years later and I'm still on the air! And let me just add that NOBODY loved rock 'n' roll more than Dick Clark!"
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-RIP DICK CLARK-\m/ -l-