Wednesday, April 4, 2012


ITP V.012 UPDATE:  APRIL ETHERAL: We are stumbling upon alot anniversaries of untimely death's in the hard rock and metal scene..LAYNE STALEY (ALICE IN CHAINS), KURT COBAIN (NIRVANA), PETER STEELE (TYPE O NEGATIVE) and many more have left us. As we remember the passing of musicians with a simple reminder "Only One Per Coffin".. We at ITP V.012 will dedicate ITP V.012 UNCOVERED to the late ALICE IN CHAINS vocalist LAYNE STALEY as we will post ITP V.012 UNCOVERED on the 10 year anniversary of LAYNE STALEY's death, tomorrow 4/5/2012, do sing along.
For those whom have drug additions, get help and please donate to the LAYNE STALEY MEMORIAL FUND  (FOR DRUG RECOVERY): 

For little peace from God you plead and beg…”-Layne Staley
 Seeking to turn the tragedy of Layne’s death into hope for those that suffer, provides support, education, and encouragement for heroin recovery; and it creates a place for family, friends, and fans to stay connected for the common goal of sharing information and resources for sustained recovery.
Each of us must create our own personal mission statement to guide our choices and behaviors.
“Addicts in Recovery are the Light of the World”

-Nancy Layne McCallum

The loss of loved ones to heroin addiction is unacceptable. We invite you to join the list of donors and volunteers helping to make our vision possible. By donating directly to THS,  by volunteering your time in your community, and by being in active recovery, you are the difference.
Your tax-deductible donation helps to fund treatment in the Seattle music community, including help for families and loved ones.
You can donate through Paypal to Layne Staley Memorial Fund at THS here:

Mail-in donations can be sent to:
Layne Staley Memorial Fund
Therapeutic Health Services (THS)
1116 Summit Ave.
Seattle, WA. 98101

FROM SING FOR LAYNE (FACEBOOK): We'll be singing live at 09:00PM EST tomorrow (April 5th) but we'll be chatting live from 08:00PM playing music and getting to know everybody.

The link to all of the information appears below. You'll need to sign up to to join the chat; make sure you leave yourself enough time by signing up and joining the chat room group before the chat.
Thanks-Stay Metal Stay Brutal, Stay 
Alive-RIP LAYNE, KURT, Petrus, Mike-\m/