Tuesday, April 17, 2012


ITP V.012 UPDATE:  Here's is ITP V.012's authors official statement on ITP V.012 syndicate BLOGGED.COM:
I assume BLOGGED.COM is temporarily down for maintenance,  and will be back. Considering the condition of ITP V.012's author's computer, (I need a new memory card with more memory as graphics are not visible) as I did NOT notice until yesterday. Considering the hype, and explotive and degrading comments from posers whom should really commit suicide, I'm very concerned about the behavior of others towards me, over something even I would not two shits about.  OK, it's 80 some odd degrees out, don't think I won't protect myself under those "stand your ground laws" if you pick a misguided fight with me.

If BLOGGED.COM is not viewable compared to this crap social networking site CHIME.in, I would be sad to see BLOGGED.COM go, as that syndicate has always been good to ITP.  CHIME.IN is decieving behind the BLOGGED.COM logo, even fooling me, until the link was broken. Although with the rise of FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE + and consolidation of those social networks, the days of the blog index's may have been re invented. However, BLOGGED.COM features some awesome blogs and websites, and I will stay if only BLOGGED.COM stays.

If BLOGGED.COM gets bought out by CHIME.in, I have NO interest as I've already consolidated ITP with TWITTER, FACEBOOK and MYSPACE, and CHIME.in doesn't support music nor metal. BLOGGED.COM has sent no notice and there's been no publicity on any buy out from BLOGGED.COM to CHIME.in..OR, I really missed some e-mails, and forgot.

ITP V.012 author does NOT consent, register, not share the material represented on this blog to  CHIME.in  any way, shape or form, as that would be no sutch an agreement, nor consent and copy write infringement.

However, if it's CHIME.in, blow me, as long as ITP V.012 does NOT appear on CHIME.in without my permission or consent. ITP V.012 can NOT be bought off, and I laugh at the hilarity of trying to buy off, music via musicians, get fucked, Shawn Fanning is still crying. 

Three people, were "warned" of pending copy write infringement lawsuits against them two days ago very close to where I live, as they don't own this blog. ITP is not owned by any landlord, past or present, I smell a lawsuit, despite stupid rumors. Perhaps charged of identity theft regarding more important matters and resources unrelated to this blog or any syndicates.

Really, there ARE blogs on various servers that exist JUST FOR MONEY, post something irrelevant, (what you had for breakfast this morning, a pic of your puppy, encourage people to click on some ad regarding a product they can't afford) and a little kick down of the adverts. CHIME.IN in a nutshell, would be taking  the WORST that BLOGGED.COM had to offer, and morphing it into conceptual social networking site of corperate cocksucking.. For blogs featuring illegal downloads (NOT ITP V.012), consolidating with CHIME.IN could be a disaster, as  this becomes a conflict of interest (remember MEGAUPLOAD and the recent take down).  Imagine, on how CHIME.IN advert pressure would effect blogging content, conforming to adverts, talk about corporate cock sucking. There are many blog syndicates where you can "Pay to Play" as if you pay a fee, your blog will be top page, as that has NOTHING to do with the QUALITY of the content. Perhaps one blogger on BLOGGED.COM would PM he when he needed to break even on adverts for me to clink on the link, I blew him off.

There is ADSENSE featured on BLOGSPOT.COM, as even that is bureaucratic and the IRS gets there share too. There are blogs with PAYPAL accounts to help pay the nominal fees (for a .COM), operating costs ect, as that seems genuine.

Most of my fave metal blogs and websites have adverts and if pays any overhead, (ISP/SERVER fee, .COM fee, bills, operating costs) fine with me, as long as it's not a conflict of interest with the site or blogs content. Choose your adverts wisely and play in our own sandbox.

For the record: ITP V.012 has considered, but in the end has refused advertising of any sort or type. WHY? Technically, the blog would be a "slower load". Secondly, even if I allowed "the industry" to advertise here, they can pull funding on honest reviews. Third, I like the unadulterated freedom to NOT worry about advertisers and to NOT pressure readers to buy, spend, beyond there means as consumerism is part of the economic recession.  Yes, part of this blog are press releases from various labels, this is entertainment, but I'm (ITP) not "bought off" to promote labels, bands, tours, ITP is "objective".

In reality, in a print media recession, there isn't mutch money in even real Journalism, unless you're an editor or owner of a media publication. Most of my freinds whom are Journalists work part time, and are assigned stories via an editor. Even Bori, main man of BLABBERMOUTH.NET commutes to work and barely sleeps inbetween BLABBERMOUTH.NET and work obilgations. Bori does have help, as a few BLABBERMOUTH.NET. writers rose from the shadows to say goodbye to PETER STEELE, as it would be easy enough (I'm not sure if this would be a conflict of interest) for Bori to get ROADRUNNER interns for college credit to update BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

If you want to get paid for promoting music, shit or get off the pot, get a PR (public relations-the most PROFITABLE and fun of Journalism related jobs) , booking agency or management firm job, (ITP V.012's author is looking for one) although the music industry is cutting alot of those AOR jobs. The most signifigant of music industry jobs over the last 10 years would be, you guessed it, web developer/graphic designer, so learn HTML and CSS codes and learn to write a press release, writing, computer/ web skills are mandatory.
A: What seems too good to be true is the idea that you will get rich off of this. What is not too good to be true is that you will probably earn less than enough to pay for your internet connection unless you are extremely active, post actual "content," and are connected to a lot of users. Facebook makes billions, but that is from well over half a billion users.

Most ads are sold on a basis of the number of times they are viewed and how often they are clicked. (on Facebook, 1000 views of an ad costs somewhere between 25-50 cents, and each click about 50 cents. (Assuming that Chime.in will have fewer users -especially at first-, it will probably have lower advertizing rates. So if you have 15 friends that view your post, and none of them click the ad, you just made .75 cents (as in less than a penny). Less than half of 1% of views translate into clicks.

But then again, if you are posting currently for free, even a small amount of cash might be enticing. And for those who do produce content, it's a nice way to capitalize on that. It won't last long, though, before people start scamming the system.

B: This is a great idea but will not last for 1 simple reason. Invailed ad impressions and clicks. Posters will soon learn that the more hits they get to thier content the more they get paid. They will also learn that they get paid even more if visitor click on the ads and visit the advertised site. It will not be long before scripts are written and bots are created to take advantage of this model. Or they could go the route of setting up a union of other users that have a list of addresses they visit everyday where they reload the page 10 times and click the ad once. Everyone who does it benefits from it.

Advertisers do not want to waste money on false impressions and clicks. I predict they will soon pull out of this model or will buy ad for very cheap rates

C: This sounds like an extortion scheme to me. And of course, anything you post and are paid to post can perhaps be legally in the hands of this chime.in which may be able to use your likeness or images or words in other nefarious means or other types of propaganda or advertisement.
I think it wont be very useful and it will likely draw a largely desperate population who may not be among your most educated and refined to be their participants.
But of course anything could be a fun thing huh?

D: That $2.75 a month for 100 hours of work will come in handy.

All the best to BLOGGED.COM come back right now, we looove you. CHIME.in is a lame concept, it's already been  done, and as I would need psychic space between me, ITP V.012 theme (metal/music) and others whom are ignorant.

Thanks for everything BLOGGED.COM, the good rating, and the top 14 and 40  rating on METAL BLOGS, and MUSIC NEWS related blogs. I really worked hard to live up to these glorious expectations despite adverse circumstances.

BLOGGED.COM METAL BLOGS: #1 METAL BLOG: METAL SUCKS, some reason ITP was ABOVE METAL INJECTION (they're a source ya know) as ITP was in the top 14 on BLOGGED METAL BLOGS, and TOP 30 on MUSIC NEW RELATED BLOGS.

Met some cool metal heads on these syndicates and I've kept in touch, thank you BLOGGED.COM and where ever ITP will be, BLOGGED.COM readers and networks are welcome to follow.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-