Wednesday, December 30, 2015


UK based heavy metal legends MOTORHEAD have posted a link to an OFFICIAL FACEBOOK condolences page, LEMMY KILMISTER (IAN FRASER) passed away 12/28/2015 to cancer at 70.

"Don't forget us, we're MOTORHEAD and we play rock and roll:"-LEMMY (IAN FRASER) KILMISTER (1945-2015)

ITP V.015 EDITORS NOTE: Enjoying everyone's stories of LEMMY, "MOTORHEAD and THE LEMMY EXPERIENCE".
Hmm, hhmm, MOTORHEAD started at the height of the first wave of punk, as they fused punk drumming with heavy, fast paced riffing, raw and unique for the NWOBHM..MOTORHEAD became the template for the first wave of thrash (METALLICA, SLAYER, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION. MEGADETH, EXODUS) as they took it further with faster, heavier riffing and epic solos (ala IRON MAIDEN 10 times faster). Then death and black metal with screamed, gutteral vocals and blast beats. Even black and roll (later day DARKTHRONE, VREID, post black metal) take huge influence from MOTORHEAD. The reason why I bitch at three piece death metal bands whom can't cut it live, (pro tools tech bands) as that don't emote a psychotic, brutal reaction as MOTORHEAD in simplicity, cohesion and heaviness. IMO MOTORHEAD was one of tightest power trio's ever in rock and roll history, enough to mosh too. NIRVANA and BLUE CHEER come to mind as as also super tight for power trio's. Seeing MOTORHEAD with a wide variety of bands they either laid waste too (punk/rock hard core) or stood toe to toe (death metal/thrash) with the best and most brutal hard rock and extreme metal had to offer. LEMMY was a super nice guy, very charming, polite, generous, witty and approachable, they don't make guys like LEMMY and bands like MOTORHEAD anymore, truly one of a kind.

We'll always remember MOTORHEAD, my ears are STILL ringing. 

As I'm busy, this journal entry (is most likely) the last for 2015 (ITP V.015) as ITP V.016 will be coming up in two days with a new logo. 

ITP V.015 will close out 2015 with some MOTORHEAD, HAPPY NEW YEAR. (R.I.P. LEMMY) 


Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-HAPPY NEW YEAR-\m/ -l-