Saturday, March 19, 2016

ITP V.016 SOCIAL MEDIA: "As President and founder of Adseek Media, I am pleased to announce the purchase of"


In the context of BLOG CATALOG'S tech issues today:
ADSEEK MEDIA has purchased and acquired BLOG CATALOG...
In the context of ADSEEK MEDIA's acquisition/merger with social media/blog syndicate BLOG CATALOG, many users have complained about tech problems on BLOG CATALOG as perhaps the site is being over hauled.

3/20/2016 UPDATE: BLOG CATALOG FIXED, fully functional.


BlogCatalog is now a part of Adseek Media!

As President and founder of Adseek Media, I am pleased to announce the purchase of

I would like to start off by congratulating and thanking Tony and Angie for all the years of hard work and dedication to the BlogCatalog blogging community. Our hope is to build off the great legacy that they have established and continue to build into a premier destination for bloggers interested in establishing and growing their audiences.
For over 8 years, Adseek Media has been focused on building great relationships with large media companies, agencies, exchanges and trading desks in the display, video and mobile advertising space. Adseek has spent the last year looking into many different opportunities to establish a presence in the online publishing space. The acquisition is the culmination of these efforts and we are very excited about the opportunities we see for all of us as we work together to move Blogcatalog towards new and exciting frontiers in online publishing.
In the coming weeks you will be seeing many changes to and the blog community as we work with you to incorporate the latest in social media promotion, video, podcasting, content management and SEO best practices.
We will continue to honor all current VIB and promotional contractual obligations with our current blogging partners and EVERYONE can look forward to exponential growth in the exposure of partner blog content.
Please let us know if you have comments, questions or suggestions. My inbox is always open.
Best wishes.
Steve Udd

Sherrie Chrismas: Glad you deleted the discussions, all the blogs, and all of our accounts... without so much as a word. What's going on? Sherrie Chrismas,Thank you for taking a moment to post a comment and inquire as to what is going on with BC. I can assure you that the blogs and blogger accounts have not been deleted. While it is true that we needed to start anew in the discussion section, a decision we didn’t take lightly, nothing else has been deleted from the site.

Please hang in there with us. Our developers are working to resolve the issues we are experiencing today as quickly as possible.

We couldn’t be happier to join the BC community and are already hard at work to bring new features and tools to the table that will better serve our blogging community and help promote the fantastic work being done by our talented members.

Thank you ALL for your continued support and patience! Big things are on the horizon!

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-