Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ITP V.017 SOCIAL JUSTICE: "White House aims for Thursday signing of "religious liberty" executive order. If President Trump signs an order that would allow religion to be used as an excuse to discriminate, we will sue (again)."

U.S. President Donald Trump might sign the "Religious Liberty" executive order as that would allow religion to be used an excuse to discriminate, setting a dangerous precedent for the LGBTQ, Agnostic, and atheist communities.

ITP V.017 EDITORS NOTE: I hope the ACLU sue all responsible for the "Religious Liberty" bill, as our founding fathers wrote the U.S. constitution based upon separation of church and state.
No god, or Goddess preaches hate, NOH8. 

I believe in freedom of religion--but I also believe in freedom from religion when it's used as a tool for discrimination.

BREAKING: White House aims for Thursday signing of "religious liberty" executive order.
If President Trump signs an order that would allow religion to be used as an excuse to discriminate, we will sue (again).

 Donald Trump's rumored license-to-discriminate order would allow hospitals child welfare providers, and other taxpayer-funded entities to cite religion in denying services or discriminating against LGBTQ people and women, putting millions of Americans at risk. This action is unconstitutional and dangerous. http://www.hrc.org/…/hrc-responds-to-rumored-license-to-dis…

Two Senior White House Officials have confirmed that Donald Trump plans to issue a license-to-discriminate Executive Order on Thursday that will put millions of LGBTQ people at risk.

Will you please stand with us? Add your name to demand the White House immediately stop their plans for a license-to-discriminate order and call on Donald Trump to protect the rights of all Americans

While our legal team will determine all the consequences of this hateful, dangerous order once it is public, there’s no question about Donald Trump’s motivations. For years, anti-LGBTQ organizations have been trying to legalize discrimination under the guise of religion. And Donald Trump knows full well this executive order isn’t about religion it’s about establishing a license-to-discriminate.

Reporters at Politico are saying that "the signing would represent a major triumph for Vice President Mike Pence...and his allies in the conservative movement." We've long known that if Mike Pence is celebrating, then the LGBTQ community is in trouble.

The time to come together, speak out together and fight together is now. And it truly can’t wait – the work of the Human Rights Campaign is now more important than ever before. 

In solidarity,

Chad Griffin

We know it’s been an uphill battle since November’s election but I’m excited to write you today with some incredible news. Members of the House and Senate have just reintroduced the Equality Act!
With 195 cosponsors in the House and 46 in the Senate, the Equality Act would make discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity is illegal under federal law. The bill would also guarantee that discrimination on the basis of sex will no longer be tolerated in federally funded programs and public places.
Theresa, one of your elected representatives proudly put their name on this bill for history to see. Will you thank them for their leadership and willingness to fight for equality?
HRC has been working on this legislation because like you, we know our country needs FULL federal LGBTQ equality. The patchwork of current protections isn’t enough. It leaves millions in our community subject to uncertainty and potential discrimination that impacts their safety and everyday life. So I am proud to say this act – which has gained unprecedented support from major businesses including Apple, Google, Amazon and more than 80 others grants protections for LGBTQ people in matters of employment, housing, access to public places, federally funded programs, credit, education and even jury service.
I’m excited that this landmark piece of civil rights legislation has finally been reintroduced. But I’m also aware that it wouldn’t have happened without our allies in Congress making our voices heard. Bucking a Trump White House, they’re saying no to hatred and discrimination. And they deserve our thanks.
Theresa, will you thank your member of Congress for supporting the Equality Act? Click to send them a thank you note and urge them to continue fighting for LGBTQ rights >>
HRC is going to continue speaking out about the Equality Act but we’ll need your help in pushing it all the way to the President’s desk. Stay tuned for updates and together, let’s keep fighting.

Chad Griffin

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l- NOH8