Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yeh, ITP will BBL with some reviews..Has anyone read the latest METAL INQUISITION (BLOGSPOT-link to the right of this journal)..METAL INQUISITION has some HILARIOUS commentary on the awful metal CORE/death CORE scene, and I'm in agreement, those bands blow.
EYAL OF DAATH wonders if the death/CORE and metal CORE trend will finally go away, as I agree, despite the crappy grunge trend a reaction to glam from the 80's, one of the best decades for EXTREME metal was back in the 90's and YES, the current market is oversaturated with awful, emo, death CORE, and metal CORE. That's why I will figure my way, and continue the ITP reviews, to smash this CORE trend. I think if the mainstream genres of heavy music aren't on the charts, and even WHEN people said "metal is dead", never say die, because that's when extreme metal finds new and interesting musical ideas, and again regains an identity with a loyal fan base, look to Europe for the musical groundbreakers in extreme metal as the genre thrives off it's live appeal and loyal fans.
Perhaps for some metal fans whom weren't born with a BATHORY or MAYHEM CD in their hands, the more mainstream sub genres are a gateway to the more extreme metal.
Ya know what, say what you will about some bands, there also will always be one or two accessible bands like PANTERA, or METALLICA on the charts, (well METALLICA missed the point after AJFA) flying the flag for metal in the face of trends as a mainstream holdover until people get wise to the UNDERGROUND sub genres of extreme metal, wich most likely, at that time, will be at it's creative peak.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-BBL-\m/ -l-