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Here's another update on the WEST MEMPHIS THREE appeal case:
(Jessie Misskelly, Jason Baldwin are appealing their life convictions of the 1993 slaying of three young boys in the West Memphis Arkansas ROBINHOOD HILL MURDERS. Damien Echols remains on death row.) TERRY HOBBS (step father of Steven Branch) neighbors have stepped forward in the case, stating Hobbs was the last to have seen the three young boys alive. DNA evidence states a hair belonging to TERRY HOBBS was found at the murder scene.
DAMIEN ECHOLS, JASON BALDWIN and JESSIE MISSKELLY were convicted in the 1993 ROBIN HOOD HILL murders ( VICTIMS Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore) in a high profile trial of "Satanic Panic" and religious intolerance as many claim the West Memphis Three are innocent and didn't get a fair trial. THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE continue to appeal their convictions. If you want to learn MORE about the WEST MEMPHIS THREE case, read the book, "The Devils Knot" and check out the HBO documentaries PARADISE LOST-THE ROBIN HILL MURDERS and PARADISE LOST 2: REVELATIONS.
We at ITP support the INNOCENCE PROTECTION ACT, and a fair trial for the WEST MEMPHIS THREE.
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JONESBORO — Neighbors of three West Memphis 8-year-olds who were
murdered in 1993 have come forward, claiming they saw the juveniles
around the time they disappeared.
And the new revelations conflict with statements made by one of the
boys’ stepfather as to his whereabouts when the three went missing.
In affidavits presented to the Arkansas Supreme Court on Monday,
sisters Jamie Clark Ballard and Brandy Clark Williams and their
mother, Deborah Moyer, claim to have seen Stevie Branch, Christopher
Byers and Michael Moore at 6:30 p.m. May 5, 1993.
The boys were playing in Moyer’s backyard when Branch’s stepfather,
Terry Hobbs, yelled at the boys and told them to go to his house,
according to court documents.
Ballard, then 13, said she spoke to Byers, telling him his older
brother was looking for him. Williams, who was 11 at the time, and
Ballard then left for church, documents state. Moyer said she went
outside to tell the boys to get out of her yard, and she saw a man
with blond hair standing down the street yelling at the boys.
Contradicts statements
That contradicts a sworn statement Hobbs gave to police, in which he
said he never saw Branch or the other two on the day they disappeared.
Officials with the West Memphis Police Department have repeatedly said
Hobbs is not a suspect in the murders, and he was interviewed only at
the behest of prosecutors.
Hobbs has professed his innocence in various media interview and even
filed a lawsuit against famed country musician Natalie Maines after he
claimed she made public remarks indicating he was guilty of the
Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, who were teens at
the time, were convicted of capital murder in 1994 for killing the
The nude, tied, bludgeoned bodies of Branch, Moore and Byers were
found in a rain-filled ditch in the Robin Hood Hills area of West
Memphis, a day after they went missing.
A perceived lack of DNA or forensic evidence tying the convicted to
the crime has caused a international outpouring of support for new
trials in the case.
Attorneys for Echols presented the neighbors’ statements to the
Arkansas Supreme Court in hopes it will order new trials. It’s not
known if or when the statements will be added to Echols’ case file.
Satanic or occult activity was the alleged motive for the crime.
Misskelley confessed to police in 1993
Misskelley confessed to the crime in an interview with police June 3,
1993. He claimed he, along with Echols and Baldwin, was consuming
alcohol near the ditch when the three boys approached. The teens then
subdued, sexually assaulted and tortured the boys before disposing of
them in the water, police said.
The confession is riddled with errors, including the time of the crime
and where it happened. Misskelley said ropes were used to tie the
victims when in fact their own shoelaces were used. Misskelley, who
has an IQ of 72, has since recanted the confession and has said that
police coerced him into confessing.
Renowned forensic pathologists have recently testified at a hearing
for Baldwin and Misskelley there was no evidence of a sexual assault.
State medical examiners, who were criticized for their work on the
case, said there was no evidence the boys were sodomized, and no semen
was collected.
Horrific injuries to all three boys, including the genital mutilation
of Byers, were the result of cuts from a sharp implement or knife,
state medical examiners claim. But defense forensic pathologists
testified that most of the wounds, including those to Byers genitals,
can be attributed to animal predation.
In Misskelley’s confession he claimed they used a knife on the victims.
Hairs and other DNA collected from the crime scene were tested in 2007
and didn’t match any of the defendants. A hair found inside one of
Moore’s ligatures matched Hobbs, court records state. Police said the
hair could have been at the scene as a result of a secondary transfer.
Ballard, Moyer and Williams came forward with new information about
the case after learning Hobbs said he didn’t see his stepson or the
other boys just prior to their disappearance.
According to documents, Ballard said she was friends with Ryan Clark,
Byers older brother. After school the day the boys disappeared,
Ballard said Byers’ stepfather, John Mark Byers, told Clark to find
his brother.
When Ballard saw Byers playing in her backyard she reportedly told him
that his brother was looking for him, and he needed to go home.
Pam Hobbs, Branch’s mother who was married to Terry Hobbs for 17
years, has said recently that she believes her ex-husband was involved
in the murders, and she thinks the men convicted deserve new trials.
John Mark Byers has also said he thinks Terry Hobbs was involved with
the murders, and he now adamantly supports efforts to free the so
called “West Memphis Three.”
Rule 37 hearings for Misskelley and Baldwin wrapped up earlier this
month, and Judge David Burnett is expected to rule by the end of the
year if they will get new trials. In 1999 Burnett rejected a bid by
Echols for a new trial.
Neighbors Saw Steven Branch, Christopher Byers & Michael Moore With Hobbs Just Before Their Disappearance
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