Saturday, December 19, 2009


( ITP EDITORS NOTE: ITP has NEVER heard of this band before. However, being this is a venue other than EVIL INCARNATE's own, the promoters choose wich bands he/or she wants to book, no dice for EVIL INCARNATE. EVIL INCARNATE have the first amendment rights to express themselves lyrically in the USA, even if I or others don't agree with "perceived" homophobic lyrics (although I've never heard of this band and I've never read the bands lyrics).
ITP is a firm believer in freedom of speech and first amendment rights and we're anti censorship, as all ideals are put on the table for YOU to decide, organically, as whom should monitor wich "evil words shall be spoken", specifically lyrically, if they're not spoken to YOU.. YOU make the decision. However, the promoters of the END OF DAYS 2 fest have a right NOT to book said band, it's not EVIL INCARNATES venue, and it's another promoters fest. Ya know, this controversy over EVIL INCARNATES alleged homophobic lyrics is as much attention as this unsigned demo band is ever going to get, lol. Also, it is very weird that EVIL INCARNATE would promote the bands music via homophobic compilations or "hate groups" such as SMASHING RAINBOWS: "Rock Against Homosexuality". ITP also stands firmly against homophobia, and national socialism, if I were a promoter I wouldn't book EVIL INCARNATE, indifferent from a bands draw, I wouldn't want a homophobic or national socialist draw or atmosphere at any shows . BTW, the underlining theme of black metal is about hate or hatred of humanity, so it is inevitable that someone is going to be offended, specifically religious groups. Is there an egalitarian theme to hatred, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation? "I hate everyone equally, you can't tear that out of me, no segregation, no separation just me and my world of enemies-"SLAYER )

Chicago's White Star Club has canceled an appearance of death metal warriors  EVIL INCARNATE as gay rights activists threatened to protest allegedly homophobic lyrics in one of the bands songs. 
Gay Liberation Network protested lyrics of one of  EVIL INCARNATE's tunes, which describe the bombing of gays and African-Americans.

"We're not pleased if a band simply says they hate us," Andy Thayer, co-founder of the gay-rights group, told Chicago Breaking News, "but when you call for murdering people, that really crosses the line and that isn't free speech."