Thursday, December 31, 2009


 HAILS! Have an awesome New Year, and a GREAT 2010 as we end this decade of turmoil and change, progression and great metal.
Am I getting old or wow, 20 years ago, things were waay different in music or has digital technology changed everything?..
* I don't think 2012 will be the end of the world, I'm more fearful of those whom really believe the apocalypse will happen in 2012 . Remember Y2K 10 years ago, nothing happened, as Y2K was the greatest marketing scam to motivate all to buy new 'puters.
*Has the old model of the music industry really ever worked? Make digital technology work for the artist and see how much $ you save, and cut out the middle man.
*All those awesome doom bands that tour Europe need to tour North America (Worship, Ahab, Esoteric should hook up with Sunn O)) , My Dying Bride or Neurosis.)
*2009 was a very good year for death metal, and expect some innovative black metal from one man and DSBM projects this decade, a changing of the guard of sorts.
* ITP had a career high in posts this year in 2009, as I expanded, focused and structured this journal to include reviews, pics, videos and news features. As much as I've posted, I feel, I haven't been as productive as I wanted too (I didn't have enough time for layouts, new logo, maybe in 2010). I hope you enjoy the journal, I enjoy writing it.
*BTW, ITP journal will change title (sort of) from Individual thought Patterns V.09 to INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS V.010 (including ITP title/year change regarding syndicates) representing the new year 2010 tonight.
*ITP BEST OF 2009, RE RATE (re rate of reviews) and maybe ITP BEST OF 1999-2009 this month in January 2010.
*HUMANITY IS DOOMED, DAMNED IN BLACK, NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND (NOV./DEC. EDITION) coming up tonight and this weekend, I'm very sorry for the lateness in those features.
*If you've noticed, ITP journal is little off kilter in terms of graphics in JUNE of 2009, (font to large, I think I fixed that.), the NEDA situation (murdered bystander in IRAN) alarmed me, it tried to fix that journal entry, edited a little, and the journal entry stays as is..ITP V.09 is dedicated to the memory of NEDA, every LBGT person whom was hanged for simply loving someone of the same gender, every metal head in the middle east whom risk incarceration for playing and listening to the music they love and all the braves souls whom perished in the IRANIAN protests, NEDA will NEVER be forgotten.
*BTW, INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS V.09 and V.010 is now on FACEBOOK ( new syndicate, I just noticed two days ago, sowee) thanks to all my friends on BLOGGED ( Brootal.
I've never been motivated to get a personal account on FACEBOOK, however, consolidated with BLOGGED, ITP is now on FACEBOOK.
*TECHNORATI changed servers and I forgot all about ITP over there (sowee), we're working on upgrading ITP V.010 on the TECHNORATI syndicate. ITP is STILL there, but I almost forgot, but really haven't and YOU shouldn't either.
*Here's to more brutal metal this up and coming decade and more innovations in extreme metal genres. Have a great \m/etal NEW YEAR as we end this decade, peace and blastbeats.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal, HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAVE A METAL 2010-\m/ -l-
ITP V.09 dedicated to the memory of NEDA.