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EDITORS NOTE: Good timing to bring up ear and hearing issues, as the editor of this journal (ITP) had suffered from intense vertigo for 10 days, although it's a little better now, as that might (not confirmed) be from an inner ear infection ( and ), or low blood pressure, not sure yet. Hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is a real issue for people whom have the vocational hazard of working in loud places or around loud people or machinery (construction workers, musicians, veterans, military, club and arena staff,). ITP editor has seen MOTORHEAD live (Awesome, one of the loudest bands on earth, they turn down their stage monitors and the amps are up and loud) and my hearing was muted for about 3 days, then again, I stood real close to the amplifiers. The club staff were warning us about how LOUD MOTORHEAD are stating "that was the loudest soundcheck they have ever witnessed" in the years they worked at said club. We scoffed at the threat of loudness, laughing. After I got Lemmy of MOTORHEAD's autograph I realized wow, this really is loud, and this indeed is MOTORHEADS schtick (intentionally) , as all of my friends had muted hearing after the show, myself for three days. I saw MOTORHEAD again this time WITH earplugs as I was just fine after the show.
I wonder of MOTORHEAD have tinnitus, maybe not, they turn down they're stage monitors.
Ringing in your ears sounds like a "swishing sound" or "eeeeeeeeee" like an EBS test.
"This one goes to 11"-SPINAL TAP-Notice LARS ULRICH (METALLICA) wears earplugs, and stage monitor earplugs, so he can hear the rest of his band. Regarding drummers, they don't need amps and don't mic their kits unless they are playing in clubs or the enormodome. Drummers (acoustic) can't just turn down the volume on their instrument, as the volume regarding drummers depends on how hard they hit the drum heads and cymbals. Drummers kits are miced in clubs, and if drummers use triggers, as that can be an issue of loudness as well, as I hate triggers as there is either no volume control regarding that drumming accessory, it's too mechanical of a sound with no dynamics of hard or soft drumming. My friends whom are drummers refuse to use any volume control.
If you're a musician touring/ playing out in bars, clubs whatever, speak to the sound tech about the "mix" on each instrument, tremble and the volume.
Some suggestions for home and studio drummers, however, I hate the sound of triggered or over processed drums:
Also, use earplugs (and headphones) in the studio and rehearsal, radio DJ's and club DJ's as well, specifically in a small area, even if your rehearsal/recording studio is soundproofed.
For all you musicians out there, TURN DOWN YOUR STAGE MONITORS just a little bit, and wear earplugs as a spectator or musician when playing, listening to music, or in a bar, club or sporting event with alot of people.
If a musician (specifically singers) can not hear themselves from stage monitors, they tend to sing that much louder, there fore straining their voice.
If you you're listening to music with headphones on, turn down the volume regarding that accessory as well and save your hearing.
With advances in stereo and puter technology these days (I've gotta get this), wireless/remote computer headphones are on the market, built for music reviewers like ME, whom pop a CD in their CD ROM, and review CD's WHILE listening to the music. With these remote/wireless computer headphones on the market, you will not feel CHAINED to one spot on your 'puter while listening to music and reviewing releases at the same time, there fore developing CPS
(carpel tunnel syndrome), and a stiff neck. Even with headphones keep the volume down to avoid hearing problems.
Bring and wear earplugs to any show you go to, even in bars or clubs with DJ's (as bars don't usually have sound techs) you WILL HEAR the music. However, earplugs mute a few decibels and treble.
Douchebag ghetto thugs whom blast rap and r and b from their car stereos, BAD IDEA. Ghetto thugs have a tendency to mix the EQ on their car stereos with the bass waayy UP, causing a distorted vibration regarding others windows and ears, including their own. Unless the producer of their fave Retards Attempting Poetry (RAP) record SUCKS and mixed the CD badly with inaudible bass, there is NO REASON to jack up the EQ on the bass of a car stereo, annoying everyone and destroying their own hearing.
Feedback annoys most people, don't park your guitar next to your amp while both are turned on, and the roar of a crowd through stage monitors and can effect sound, and confuse the band, and amplify that sound, so good backline and sound techs (they also wear earplugs) are in good order. A band front man/woman may ask the crowd at a show "to make some noise", it's AWESOME when 100, 000 or more people do make noise, but a good sound tech will turn DOWN the stage monitors just a wee bit, as that crowd noise is amplified through mics and stage monitors and 100, 000 sounds like 500, 000 people to the band and stage crew as that sound is amplified back to the crowd.
Sound techs are really important people for concerts and festivals because if the sound sucks, well, weird things start happening, the singer starts to over compensate, the crowd moves closer to the stage (to hear the music) causing a "crowd surge" people get crushed in the surge.
Tinnitus effects millions as it not an issue of "musical preferences" or "genres" but vocational territory or an enviornment of volume, loudness and mass gathering of people and their volume.
Pete Townsend of legendary rock band THE WHO also suffers from tinnitus.
I'm sure I (the author of ITP) have had some sort of intermittent tinnitus over the years, wearing earplugs at home has been suggested to me, although I do wear headphones, there is nothing like the sound of silence.
The irony about a member of METALLICA having tinnitus, METALLICA's rider agreement states that opening acts have to play at a lower volume (less decibels) than METALLICA.
I would have to say SLAYER, METALLICA, BLACK SABBATH, VAN HALEN have some of the loudest FANS as most fans go nuts when a band hits the stage, for the above mentions bands, the cheering goes on throughout the entire show, and never lets up. I once went to a VAN HALEN show in '87, and the fans cheered from the bus on the way to the show straight to the venue, and during the entire show.
Gotta love it.



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