Tuesday, December 8, 2009


DIME TIME, as we at ITP are remembering the late "DIMEBAG" DARRELL ABBOTT.

(PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN) on the fifth anniversary of his death , with some BLACK TOOTH GRIN, and some awesome shredding metal. The last time I saw PANTERA perform live was in Poughkeepsie, NY ( MARCH, 13th 2001-PANTERA, MORBID ANGEL, SOULFLY), a good time indeed, and a absolutely festive atmosphere of metal, beer, insane moshing and crowd surfing, every metal head came out in support, good to see everyone. GOOD TIMES. BTW, ITP's author attended both these Poughkeepsie, NY shows in 1995 and 2001. Looks like Poughkeepsie, NY (my region) made it to PANTERA's HOME VIDEO's, awesome. Also, I felt it would be cool to show some videos of DIMEBAG "getting his pull" via instructional guitar of his pinch harmonics to wammy bar pig squeals.. DIMES technique was awesome indeed, as he could make a guitar sing and cry. Take a moment to remember DIMEBAG DARRELL as he SHOULD be remembered, for his shredding guitar heroics, charismatic persona, sweet black tooth grin, and brutal music. We at ITP remember DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT fondly..\m/ \m/
From the HUDSON VALLEY AREA of NEW YORK to Dallas/Arlington, TEXAS, thank you DIMEBAG, R.I.P. brother..
BTW, BLACK TOOTH GRIN (named after the lyric in the MEGADETH song "Sweating Bullets")= Crown Royal (1 shot), with or without (1 shot) of Seagrams Whiskey AND coca cola.

Revolver magazine has teamed with renowned and award-winning graphic illustrator Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher, Hellblazer, "Vampire: The Masquerade") for a PANTERA "Vulgar Display Of Power" commemorative issue, celebrating guitarist Dimebag Darrell on the fifth anniversary of his death. The issue — available only on newsstands from December 22 through February 22 — captures the defining moment in PANTERA's career and features Bradstreet's stark and powerful cover illustration of the classic 1992 album cover photo.

The Revolver "Vulgar Display Of Power" issue includes an additional PANTERA illustration by Bradstreet, rare photos, as well as exclusive interviews with all surviving PANTERA band members (Phil Anselmo, Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown); Dime's longtime girlfriend Rita Haney; album producer Terry Date; musicians Rob Halford, Rob Zombie, Sean Yseult, Scott Ian, Zakk Wylde, Nick Bowcott; and other key friends and associates. In fact, this marks the first piece to include interviews with both Phil Anselmo and Vinnie Paul since the 2006 VH1 "Behind The Music" on PANTERA.

In this issue, Revolver magazine and writer Jon Wiederhorn debunk the myth behind the "Vulgar Display Of Power" album cover photo shoot and reveal the stories behind how "Diamond Darrell" became "Dimebag Darrell" and the origins of Dime's signature "Black Tooth Grin" drink.

Vinnie Paul on Dime finishing "Vulgar Display of Power": "We went to master the record in New York at Masterdisk. Back then, you had to master the songs one at a time, and then you'd get a tape of all the songs so you could listen to the sequence. We messed around with a couple ideas and then we found what we thought was the perfect sequence and had them put it together. And I remember Dime was sitting there on the couch and he was crying all the way through it. I went, 'Dude, are you all right?' And he said, 'It's perfect. It's perfect. It's exactly what I always wanted and always dreamed of. It's fuckin’ perfect.'"

Phil Anselmo on touring for "Vulgar Display of Power": "Everyone knows there was a lot of drinking. Everyone knows there was a lot of sex. Everyone knows there was a lot of drunken sex. Yeah, I was pretty single then, and there were some incredible times where I caught myself in the middle of a situation and I look around me and put my arms in the air and said, 'I'm the fuckin' king of the world.' But when everyone else was playing the lay around with the ladies, Dimebag would be all fuckin' building a robot suit out of cardboard boxes or hiding in closets and scaring people."

Each newsstand copy of Revolver's "Vulgar Display Of Power" issue will include a special memorabilia pack with an authentic replica of a "Vulgar Display Of Power" tour backstage laminate and concert ticket, a PANTERA show flyer, and sticker. In addition, Revolver will give away Tim Bradstreet's original hand-drawn cover art for the issue, an Affliction PANTERA signature series T-shirt, Dean Dimebag Dimebonics ML Electric Guitar with Case, Dunlop MXR DD11 Dime Distortion Pedal and DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah Pedal, Seymour Duncan Dimebucker Pickup, and ddrum Vinnie Paul signature snare. Look for contest details in this issue and enter online at RevolverMag.com.

Fans can also purchase a highly limited-edition (only 250 printed) "Vulgar Display of Power" commemorative T-shirt featuring Bradstreet's cover illustration at this location.

GETCHA PULL -l- \m/: Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-GETCHA PULL-RIP DIMEBAG-\m/ -l-
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