Monday, July 16, 2012

ITP V.012 UPDATE: ART OF DANCE (layman's terms)?

ITP V.012 UPDATE: On a suggestion from a buddy (with other suggestions),  and after a long talk about mosh pits (the wall of death, circle pits), I feel I left out some (layman's terms) aspects out of  ITP THE ART OF DANCE, specifics in the dangers of  the perimeters of the pit, where is the safest place to be in a pit, and how to avoid being trampled. I will address those issues in a (perhaps) three part ART OF DANCE starting next month, as now I have enough ideas to get me through the year.

ITP's author is an atheist, I'm NOT into, and do NOT endorse religion or philisohpical, spiritual cults btw, as I thought the above and JPEG was hilarious, ahh ignorance.To each thier own.

ITP V.012 will be back later today with more metal news, ITP V.012 UNCOVERED LAMB OF GOD to piss off you whiny wieners..

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-