Sunday, July 8, 2012

LAMB OF GOD: Lamb of God fans show support for jailed singer

Fans of jailed Richmond, Virginia based vocalist RANDY BLYTHE of LAMB OF GOD held a vigil today on Brown Island, (Richmond, Virginia) only drawing 100 out of the 1, 000 expected fans. LAMB OF GOD vocalist RANDY BLYTHE was arrested late last month in Prague, CZECK REPUBLIC and charged with manslaughter in the connection to the (5/2010) death of a stage diving fan. Three videos have been circulated on YOU TUBE of the incident as Daniel N. stagedived three times, injuring himself in the process of rolling off the stage under pressure from a security guard. Daniel N. died of injuries sustained from his decision to stage dive or roll off the stage.

According to, and, LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe remains behind bars in a Czech prison after the prosecutor filed a complaint against the singer's release on bail. 

On Monday (July 9), a spokesman for the the Municipal Public Prosecutor's Office in Prague Štepánka Zenklová confirmed that the complaint was delivered to the Prague 8 district court this past Friday (July 6).

Another bail hearing will be held at the Municipal Court in Prague at a later date.

FROM GWAR 7/9/2012: The members of GWAR and Slave Pit would like to express their shock and revulsion to the decision of the Czech Republic's court to deny Randy Blythe bail. We ask the GWAR family to support Randy in any way you can. Write a letter to your congressman, contribute to the defense fund, boycott Czech products, or sign the White House petition to get them to pressure the Czech Republic clear Randy of these ridiculous charges.

To the Czech government...and the people of Czech Republic...we ask you to look at this case and see it for the joke that it is. One look at the video shows randy is clearly not responsible. It's tragic that this man lost his life, but from all accounts he was to blame for what happened...he had climbed on stage three times already. But you have essentially ended Randy's and plunged his family and friends into an abyss...

A grave injustice is being done here and we the people must show our support for Randy in any way that we can. Watch this page for updates and links to ways you can help. FREE RANDY BLYTHE!

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-