Wednesday, February 15, 2017

IMMORTAL: "Horgh has completed the recordings of the drums for the upcoming IMMORTAL album"

Norwegian black metal legends IMMORTAL have sent a studio update as the bands drummer has finished recording. 

According to a letter sent via  ABBATH, vocalist/guitarist for  Norwegian black metal legends IMMORTAL to the NORWEGIAN INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY OFFICE , DEMONAZ and HORGH left the band earlier this year as they failed to pay rent on the bands rehearsal studio, usually split between the three band members. ABBATH was under the impression, due to band turmoil,  DEMONAZ and HORGH wanted to take a longer break from the band as ABBATH payed for the rehearsal space.

ABBATH states IMMORTAL are contractually obligated for another studio release for NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS as the new material is completed with other musicians.

IMMORTAL front man ABBATH has claimed rights over the bands name via EIKOMO COMPOSITIONS. However, the application has been stopped by lyricist/guitarist DEMONAZ and drummer HORGH whom want the IMMORTAL trademark to be shared by all three members as the matter will stand before civil court (NORWEGIAN INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY COURT) JANUARY OR FEBRUARY 2015.

DEMONAZ has stated to DAGBLADET.NO. that "he is familiar with the contents of ABBATH's letter, "I've read it, and our lawyer read it. We will come back with a feed back letter it contains incorrect information".

IMMORTAL won the trade mark lawsuit over the bands name as ABBATH has split with the band for a solo career.

IMMORTAL unleashed "All Shall Fall" 9/25/2009 via NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS.

ITP V.09 REVIEW: IMMORTAL: "All Shall Fall":

Horgh has completed the recordings of the drums for the upcoming IMMORTAL album.
Drums were recorded at Abyss Studios in Sweden, together with Peter Tägtgren, who already worked with IMMORTAL several times before.
More news coming soon.

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