Thursday, February 16, 2017


LAINA DAWES: (AUTHOR of the book "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE") has posted commentary regarding METAL BLAST (webzine) statements regarding allegations against BLACK LIVES MATTER (Austin, Texas) and ANTIFA boycotting metal bands.
METAL BLAST (webzine) have posted an article stating a differing opinion and many contradicting points regarding ANTI FASCIST ACTION BAY AREA (ANTIFA) boycott of Swedish black metal warriors MARDUK'S 2/18/2017 METRO OPERA HOUSE SHOW. ANTIFA are boycotting MARDUK shows for "Known white supremacist ties from Sweden that profits off of glorifying Nazi imagery and songs about Nazi SS officers and anti-semitism"

MARDUK have announced WINTER 2017 US. tour dates with SVART CROWN.



Happy Black History Month folks!!!!! While this is not the greatest news, I wanted to share with you a recent issue I recently found out about:
First, there are a number of extreme metal bands that have made anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic and / or transphobic comments. This is, unfortunately, nothing new - but these bands are doing us a favor when making their personal opinions public, as we can easily identify them and it makes it easier to boycott their music and merchandise. There are others that we ( those of us who are journalists or who have the inside track) find out that hold these views that we do not feel comfortable publicly calling out, but instead privately inform others of their political views. I am personally cool with how this goes, as if you are basing your information about musicians or a band based on rumours, it is best not to air your assumptions publicly. But there is a problem.
As some of know, there are organizations, such as ANTIFA (A national anti-Fascist organization) who go after metal, punk and hardcore bands who have protested at concerts which feature bands who have made offensive statements and/or hold beliefs that could potentially cause harm to concert-goers. I personally support them, even though there have been incidences in which they have been violent in ways that injure innocent people. So I do support their mission but at times, not their actions. Recently, there was a metal website ( which, based on some advice I will not name because they do not deserve the page hits) which argued that ANTIFA and the Austin, Texas chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) were planning to protest at the concert of a black metal band who is currently on tour. The editor of the metal website, who is based in Europe, insinuated that BLM was planning to do this, despite the fact that the organization does not target metal bands at all. This information has been spread among metal fans, including people I know who claim to support anti-racist organizations but still felt that BLM was planning to do this and chastised them. I thought this was a bit odd, so I looked into this.
I contacted the BLM Austin chapter directly and received a response today, which confirmed my suspicions. They are not planning to protest this particular group, and it looks like the person who spread this rumour was trying to instigate a racialized confrontation. In addition, the editor of the metal website has been harassing them, and despite living in another country, was trying to instigate a fight. Perhaps this is part of the new world we live in - where racist instigators try to start drama in areas in which there are none. To me, it shows that BLM is doing something right - they organize efficiently, stage peaceful protests ( yes, they do......) and this has caused some ire for racists who would love black folks to act in the stereotypical manner they imagine in their small, ignorant, fearful minds that would solidify their racist beliefs. This is because they are afraid. they are afraid of the efficiency of BLM's organizing skills, of the purposefulness of the distributed messages..... of the fact that this young generation of black men and women are demanding equality not only in the eye of the law, but within our everyday lives. To racists, this is scary, and frightened racist, ignorant people who are afraid of losing their privilege are lashing out.
I am passionate about this music, and as a lifer in the metal scene, I will defend the younger generation of black men and women metal fans to be able to actively participate in whatever local scene they are in without harassment. I will also defend people against online harassment and concerted efforts like this one that try and turn people against one another. I hope you will do the same.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-