Sunday, December 13, 2009


SNAKENET RADIO and BURZUM.ORG have reported that Varg Vikernes has re titled BURZUM's new release "Belus" (working title was "White God") as the tracklisting of "Belus" has been announced. BURZUM's new release "Belus" will be released worldwide on Byelobog Productions on the 8th March 2010.
The Return of Burzum

It's been 11 long years and now the world will see the return of Burzum. The highly anticipated new album is entitled "Belus" after the name of the ancient European solar deity of light and innocence. "Belus" is not a religious album or an anti-religious album, nor is it a political one, but an attempt to explore the myths about Belus and unveil the oldest roots of our cultural heritage. The album deals with the death of Belus, his sombre journey through the realm of death and his magnificent return. In essence the album and the story of Belus is meant to be an entertaining story about something that once upon a time played a major role in the forming and shaping of Europe.
"The album has been made according to my heart and spirit, and not to fit into any particular genre or category, or to live up to anyone's obvious expectations".The music can best be compared to the music of some of the old Burzum albums; in particular the ground breaking "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" and the atmospheric brilliances of "Filosofem", only the ambient parts present on these albums has been almost completely left out on "Belus". "There is no special reason for this, other than coincidence and the fact that I have for some time made more and better music on the guitar rather than on the keyboard".

"Inspiration for the album has come from a variety of sources, and I find my inspiration from fairy tales and myths, from classical music, from memories of what once was, from traditional music, from fantasy, from the wind and weather, from deep forests and running water, from the sky and the sunset, from misty mountains and from yellow leaves falling from age old trees".

"My ambition with "Belus" is to create something I - and hopefully others too - can listen to for years and years to come without ever growing tired of it, and at the same time to share with my audience the experience of getting to know Belus, as he might have been perceived by the ancient Europeans".
The combination of lyrics and music makes this a fairy tale different from most others, and should appeal to all those who like transcendental music and love to see different things from a different perspective."If I can make you dream when listening to this album, I believe I have done a good job".

"I am aware of the black metal association with the name Burzum, and I have no real and serious problem with that, but I personally see no reason to place "Belus" in any category. I think "Belus" musically transcends all existing categories, but if I have to choose one - and for the sake of simplicity - I will simply place it in the metal category".

"Belus" will be released worldwide on Byelobog Productions on the 8th March 2010.
When I used the name "The White God" for my next album I had no idea it would stir up so much fear and irrational emotions. To me this is just a nickname of Baldur, whom the album is all about. No ambiguity intended. The truth is I announced the release of "The White God" at this early point to ease the pressure on the host. He was getting tired of having to tell individuals contacting him that he didn't know when the next album would be due, what its name was going to be or anything else. With the article this problem was solved.

With a title including the word "white" it apparently isn't possible to slip under the radar of the racist "Western" media. To take away their excuse to spread their anti-Varg/anti-Burzum hate-propaganda when (and before) the album is released I have decided to change the album title. These self-loathing fools have no interest in the music anyway, and because of that I don't want their attention - and I won't get it if I use a title that doesn't give them an excuse to attack me.

The new title of the album is, as You might have guessed from the title of this article, "Belus", the so-called Indo-European name for Baldur/the White God. I could have used any European name for this deity, but I chose this one because it is the oldest known name and because it is pan-European.

"Belus" will be released on Byelobog Productions March-April next year, with eleven new tracks; nine metal tracks and an ambient intro and outro, and about 50+ minutes of music (the long outro not included). The lyrics are all in Norwegian, but French and Russian translations will be available on asap -- possibly even before the release of the album.

That'll be all for now.

Varg Vikernes
(November 2009)

"BELUS" Tracklist:

Lukans Renkespill
Belus' Død
Glemselens Elv
Kaimadalthas' Nedstigning
Besøk Til Kelio
Alvenes Dans
Belus' Tilbakekomst
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