Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here's an ironic joke. What do pagan black metal bands and fascists really have in common: A receding economy. So an unnamed source passed along this message (ON MYSPACE) grumbling about the PC police and liberal fascism. Funny, but not really funny until you see this video of a hate crime on video of two men killed and one be headed by nazis. I'm warning readers now that to view this video (link below) one should be 18 and up and have an iron stomach as this video of a hate crime in (RUSSIA?) provoked by savage nazi's is enough to support ANTIFA on a certain level. ITP by the way, covers metal bands of all genres, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation or political lean, and separating the art, and ITP's writer from the artist, we do not support fascism or national socialist ideology in any way, as ITP author is not white.
I hope that ANTIFA does not become as hypocritical or corrupt as FSU in the USA (FRIENDS STAND UNITED).

FROM ROBERT LINDSAY BLOGSPOT (ROBERT LINDSAY is a left leaning independent journalist whom also viewed this anonymous hate crime video committed in Russia? FROM ROBERT LINDSAY BLOGSPOT:
This is the Russian neo-Nazi decapitation execution video that took the Russian Internet by storm in early August 2007 (the video topped search engine and blog hits for Russian sites). The video is titled The Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani. It's a video of Russian neo-Nazis executing two "Blacks" - that is, two White men - one from Dagestan and one from Tajikistan.

For an inquiry into whether or not reasonable people would consider Dagestanis and Tajiks to be White, see my meditation on the subject here.

This video aroused tremendous controversy on the Net for a short while after it appeared. A group called either National Socialism/White Power or National Socialists of Rus claimed responsibility for the video, but authorities said they had never heard of either group.
)Many have asked the name of the song in the video. The song is "Rus" by the Russian folk-pagan metal band Arkona. You can watch a video of the band playing the song on this blog here.

FROM Nex Cultus Photography:

"If you or your band is involved with Antifa, I will NOT photograph you. I strongly urge everyone to take a closer look at this hypocritical group and the destructive role they have played in the metal and folk communities.

They claim to be "​.​.​anti-​fascist,​"​ yet their reactions to all opposed to them are extremely intolerant and often violently adverse. They have attacked many individuals based on ill-founded assumptions. In their eyes, ANYONE and EVERYONE who is proud of their Northern European ancestry is automatically a Neo-Nazi, a National Socialist or at the very least a racist. If you are Ásatrú or Irminen (ancient Norse and Germanic pagan religions which are slowly being revived after nearly being annihilated by the Christians), you will be targeted. They do not care if you have zero NS political leanings. They have injured people to the point of hospitalization​ .​.​,​ destroyed band gear, wreaked havoc on festivals/​.​.​venues/​.​.​bars/​.​.​clubs/​.​.​restaurant gatherings, et cetera, et cetera.

As of late, Satanic black metal bands are also being targeted - bands who take no political stance and have no NS lyrics or imagery. Gigs are being canceled at an alarming rate - gigs that many of these bands place their livelihoods on. The owners of these venues are not canceling these shows because they agree with the Antifa, but because they fear the destruction of the venue itself. The Antifa have NO right to police music.

I am sure that for merely stating my opinion, I will now be targeted and will receive angry, uneducated letters of disapproval. This profile has a good chance of being deleted, and to be honest, I really couldn’t give a damn. As long as people will question and think for themselves and discuss this hypocrisy (and maybe even re-post), the aim of this blog will be achieved.

The Antifa are nothing more than a pseudo-liberal regime. They are fascists wearing masks of ignorance and prejudice. Their radical intolerance, censorship and idiotic actions have given them far less dignity and grace than their so-called enemies. As Winston Churchill said, 'The fascists of the future will be called anti-​.​.​fascists.​'

 ITP EDITORS NOTE: I'm against censorship of any kind, I believe in the right to artistic expression. I also believe strongly in the right to cultural expression and cultural pride without of course the prejudice that sometimes comes with it. I don't believe, in the name of freedom speech that metal HAS to be politically correct nor does art need a "PC POLICE".
However... I do believe in human rights.. I think it's awfully naive of the pagan, folk and black metal scene to set foot in some Eastern European countries without knowing what's going on. With receding economies in places like Russia comes the oh so popular "kill an immigrant or foreign exchange students" agenda of a minority of those countries citizens. For some of those citizens, Pagan metal is a soundtrack to their angst. While I am very much against "the blame metal for societies problems" rant, I did see a video on YOU TUBE of darker colored men being beheaded by nazi's with a Pagan band as it's soundtrack.Musicians really have no control over who does what after listening to their music, and how they interpret it, as the Russian Pagan/folk metal band ARKONA was mentioned as the soundtrack to that beheading video. Keep in mind that there was another Russian band (ARKONA-NS-POLAND) with the same name. I'm against liberal fascists too, but many of these attacks via nazi's are videotaped and put on the net. If you saw that video maybe it would motivate one to be more active against such nazi's. It's a shame that ANTIFA NEEDS to exist, fighting fire with fire, but I've seen a few documentaries (From Russia with HATE) and it doesn't look good, I just hope those whom are innocent never get falsely accused as many innocent people have been killed by nazi's. If black metal gets a bad name via nazi stereotypes maybe it WILL force one to declare an anti national socialist stance, and it sounds silly for bands whom are just anti christian (Anti Christianity may be considered "political" for some), and serve no political leaning, but it certain areas of Europe, it's a must. I'm against attacking someone because of beliefs, on either side of the fence, but it's awfully naive for the Pagan metal scene to NOT realize what's really going on in certain countries. We all see music as just entertainment and I'm sure many bands don't want to be dragged into taking sides, just because one or two of their fans interpret their music politically when it's not in the least bit meant to be political, it's a shame really.

I don't judge a band MUSICALLY via politics. A left leaning metal band could suck while a right wing band could own, or vice versa.
Also, regardless of "politics" or ANTIFA, the lowest common denominator regarding promoters is..MONEY..
$ in the form of ticket, alcohol and merch sales. These bands are not drawing and they whine about ANTIFA? Tough times in a receding worldwide economy, the bottom line in music, and even fascists (whom don't even realize this) is THE ECONOMY. I suppose, promoters would book National Socialist bands if they drew, regardless of politics and principle. I guess DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH draw more, although I don't consider those bands black metal.
Yes, metal bands have shows canceled for some silly reasons, but remember, when you play in someones elses club or venue, it is NOT YOUR club or venue, and if you're band is banned for being nazi's, I have no sympathy and the truly objective fans will wonder why politics get in the way of often good music. I can understand the anguish of touring bands whom are NOT nazi's and get falsely accused because of anti christian lyrical themes, stating how Christianity destroyed their indigenous cultures. My sentiments, I'm a quarter Cherokee Indian, and I'm an agnostic.
I'm sure that the victims of that hate crime in the video that's been floating around the net didn't want "their pictures taken" either.
I hate National Socialists, but NO ONE should be attacked for what they believe in, national origin, or race either. I think ROBERT LINDSAY's perception of metal is from an outsiders point of view, because I don't see any nazi salute at least as Lindsay claims, or "skinheads" just fans showing the metal horns in ARKONA's (live performance) video as fans do on demand. However, I'm not naive to that fact that some national socialists exist in the metal scene.
We have the same problem with some of the most corrupt liberals locally where I live, within their liberal fascism, drug and alcohol abuse. Of course, they WILL NEVER get my vote.
I'll pass on on getting my pic taken too, you don't want to see the look on my face. I hope that ANTIFA are not canceling black metal bands, or extreme metal/pagan bands at random (what was up with those stupid rumors in 2008, of NEGURA BUNGET being, nazi's that is NOT true). Instead, I hope ANTIFA finds the persons guilty of that hate crime/beheading video and kicks their ass.
Lastly, musicians have less control over how their music is used, in the case of ARKONA, if they haven't already, they SHOULD make a statement against their music being used in a hate crime and take action. Any body can make a video of their fave band and post it on YOU TUBE. However, if it was my bands music, I wouldn't want someone promoting our music for the purpose of a hate crime, even if this isn't an issue of money, it's principle.

2.2 The audience
Last year the thing that probably disturbed me the most about this festival was the crowd. Last year's focus on "tr00" black metal had attracted not only a lot of elitists, but also a fair number of open nationalists. So how would it be in 2008? Would Ragnarök walk down the path the media have seen it walk along already and become established as meeting point for Nazis? Or was I going to be right with my speculations that the diversity of the lineup would hold off the rotten more-than-just-misanthropic core of the black metal scene and rather attract people with all kinds of backgrounds? Well, I've got to admit that I was quite pleasantly surprised by this year's crowd. In fact I've seen more Asians than Nazis! I guess that does say quite a lot. So whereas I've sensed xenophobia lingering in the air throughout last year's festival, I didn't notice any of that this time around. There still were some apparent Nazis running around, but those were definitely the minority. There is also to be added that visitors were urged to report merch stands selling NSBM and that the organizer himself had kicked out a vendor from the festival for selling such stuff.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-