Wednesday, March 17, 2010


EDITORS NOTE: Hopefully it's not to late for those whom were at MEGADETH's ill fated show last night to attend a free "make up" show as the PA did not work at Baltimore's, RAMS HEAD LIVE at last nights gig. MEGA DAVE was not happy about the shitty PA, and cried a river, cutting MEGADETH's set short after only three songs.
is going to play a free show tonight (Wednesday, March 17) for last night's ticketbuyers. Doors will be at 7 P.M., the show will be at 8 P.M. Ticketholders from last night's show can pick up tickets for tonight at Will Call by presenting valid ID. Check the Rams Head Live! website for details.

Dave Mustaine has issued the following update:


Last night was a difficult night for me, Megs, and for our sold-out audience of Megadeth fans in the great city of Baltimore.

You see, we were plagued with equipment failures, the ensuing delays getting on-stage (Axl Rose, I am NOT), and the lack of intelligence of the fan who was convinced that throwing his beverage on the console, thus ending our second attempt at taking the stage last night, was an intelligent thing to do.

In other words, it was the end of the evening for me and for Baltimore.

Alas, Megaman to the rescue!

Late last night I was informed of the availability of the venue the following evening, meaning tonight, and I agreed to stay another night here in Baltimore and to try to play this venue one more time.

If you have a ticket from last night, please check here to see how to proceed tonight.

Thank you for your understanding, and I want to also thank the building, its staff, the security, the promoter and his staff, and most importantly . . . YOU. I will see you tonight!

Love and bruises,

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-