Thursday, March 4, 2010


Back with UNCOVERED on ITP V.010 PART 2. Here's a cool cover of METALLICA's "Nothing Else Matters" from the BLACK release. I think we've all heard numerous covers of METALLICA tunes in different formats. If you've listened to METALLICA's "S and M" release, METALLICA re vamped the bands older material with the late conductor Micheal Kaman and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
FROM BLABBERMOUTH.NET: Dutch violin player Karianne Brouwer has uploaded her version of the classic METALLICA ballad "Nothing Else Matters". She says, "'Nothing Else Matters' belongs to my list of favorite music. Although the original version is great, I had the wish to make my own arrangement of this piece, so here it is!"

The original version of "Nothing Else Matters" appeared on METALLICA's 1991 self-titled album, which has sold more than 15.5 million copies in the United States since its release. The song reached #11 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in 1992.

Because of the song's popularity (and ease of play compared to METALLICA's other material) it has been covered many times, by both artists within and outside the rock genre.
Nothing else matters,Metallica arr. K Brouwer by Karianne Brouwer violin, Maaike Schoenmaker cello from Karianne Brouwer on Vimeo.

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