Sunday, March 23, 2014


Texas, USA neo classical metal warriors GOATCRAFT, despite political tensions, are set to perform in CRIMEA 4/26/2014 at the КІЗ переможе theater with the blessing of Russian authorities.

Also, GOATCRAFT have been announced as support for NEGURA BUNGET's  5/16/2014 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS show @ BONDS 007 ROCK BAR show.

GOATCRAFT unleashed "The Blasphemer" 2/15 and 3/3/2014 via I, Void Hanger Records.


Although the recent political controversy over ownership of Crimea has caused tension between NATO and Russia, GOATCRAFT will perform on April 26th at the КІЗ переможе theater in Crimea with the blessing of Russian authorities.
Taking advantage of an obscure Russian law that allows “cultural events” to go on even in the advent of military conflict or declared emergency, San Antonio, Texas based Goatcraft filed a declaration in Russia this week, and received notification 24 hours later that its performance could go on as scheduled.
“Goatcraft is about all that defeats our rationality and sanity,” said Goatcraft composer and keyboardist Lonegoat. “We humans try to make sense of the universe, but it always finds cracks in our explanations and works around our rules. Goatcraft is proud to be playing in a place where sanity has broken down and warfare, misery and raw human
suffering prevails!”
Russian authorities were more matter-of-fact. “[I]t is our duty to ensure that the economy of Crimea remains unhindered and that all emporeutic exchanges flourish during this time of transition,” Customers supervisor Afanasy Volkov stated via press release from his office in Yalta. “We will direct the American performers to the place of performance and then ensure they are sent home quickly.”
Pre-sale tickets for the show can be purchased through Ticketmaster Moscow. Concert-goers are advised that their safety cannot be guranteed, and are warned that bringing weapons to the performance may trigger international combat.

Out March 3rd

GOATCRAFT began as a vision of frustration. Occult music had died a crass death, imitated into candy piece fragments of its original vision. Death metal had been absorbed by the insatiable obese monster that is rock music and had lost its spirit of tempestuous power, replaced instead by lite jazz and creeling self-pitying children. Even the rising dark ambient and neoclassical scenes seemed afloat on a river of fast food grease, sweltering in their own indirection.

With this massive failure pressing on his nerves like a forgotten shell fragment from a war long lost, GOATCRAFT's sole member Lonegoat decided in 2010 to overcome doubts and re-double the attack. What was at first a keyboard attack to rival the sonic intensity of death metal, quickly became layers of neoclassical piano on dark concepts, and later, with the addition of soundtrack-like dark ambient lush atmosphere, an entirely new type of music, baptized by Lonegoat himself as 'Necroclassical.'

After the underground success of GOATCRAFT's 2013 debut All For Naught, Lonegoat is back with its best and most mature work to date: The Blasphemer, a concept album themed around the works of the famous English painter and poet William Blake.

The heart of the record is probably The Great Red Dragon symphony dedicated to Blake's series of watercolours with the same title, inspired by chapters 12 and 13 of the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse).

1. Intro: Behemoth (1:35)
2. Temptation And Fall (6:18)
3. House Of Death (3:14)
4. The Blasphemer (3:31)
5. Hecate (5:04)
6. Nebuchadnezzar (3:01)
7. In The Arms Of Pity (4:44)
8. The Great Red Dragon, Part I - The Woman Clothed With The Sun (3:57)
9. The Great Red Dragon, Part II - The Woman Clothed In The Sun (8:37)
10. The Great Red Dragon, Part III - The Beast From The Sea (3:37)
11. The Great Red Dragon, Part IV - The Number Of The Beast (2:39)
12 . Eternal Prayer Of Urizen (4:48)
13. Satan In His Original Glory (4:30)
14. Outro: Leviathan (1:35)

Total time 57:18

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-