Thursday, March 20, 2014


WSOU 89.5 FM, SETON HALL UNIVERSITY "PIRATE RADIO" have launched an INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN for a new documentary "PIRATES OF THE AIRWAVES", as the launch video features LAMB OF GOD, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and more.


ITP V.014 EDITORS NOTE: Putting religious differences aside as SETON HALL UNIVERSITY is catholic, WSOU had a huge impact on my tastes in music and metal. From way back in the 80's, (and 90's) WSOU introduced the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, punk, hardcore, thrash and extreme metal to the NY/NJ metropolitan area and we are forever thankful.

Check out this awesome 'Pirates of the Airwaves: The WSOU Story' Indiegogo campaign video. 89.5 FM WSOU is where I discovered metal & where my love of radio was born. Spread the word and give if you can:


The WSOU Story: Why?

Question: What does Heavy Metal, men's Big East college basketball, a Catholic University, Polka and 65 Years of award winning radio broadcasting have in common?
Answer: WSOU 89.5 FM Pirate Radio!
Hello, my name is Rob Longo. I am the director of Pirates of the Airwaves The WSOU Story. I went to undergraduate school at Seton Hall University class of '92. I choose Seton Hall University for one reason alone; 
WSOU 89.5 FM Pirates Radio
My goal was to be a DJ on WSOU and spin the heavy metal music that I loved.
When I left Seton Hall University and WSOU with professional real world experience it paid off twice in my two main careers. Once as a music studio owner and again now as an owner of a video production company.
This documentary is me giving back to Seton Hall University and WSOU by telling the story of the most famous and prestigious college radio station in the world. Underfunded, under appreciated, misunderstood, a true underdog that has been punching well above its weight and has become a powerhouse of a radio station in the biggest market in the United States by launching successful careers, winning awards, facing obstacles, and launching bands into stardom for the last 65 years!
Your contributions will allow us to finish this legend's story and share it with everyone from Seton Hall Alumni, WSOU Alumni, current college students, high school students, those involved in or interested in radio broadcasting and entertainment, fans of heavy metal, and anyone who enjoys a great underdog story.

Our Goal

I am asking for $20,000 which for some may seem like a lot of money, but for a feature film documentary it is well below the average budget. You see I started this project in February 2013 and have been working hard at it since. I have interviewed over 40 Seton Hall alumni, entertainers, radio personalities, and bands because I want to tell and share this story. This is my labor of love; my ode to WSOU and all she has provided to me. I do, however, need your help to go further and get this film finished. I need to turn this project from an I.. to a team.. to a we.
I need you to be a part of that we.
Whats left to do now that I have all this interview footage?
We have to transcribe all the footage which means enter it in a database what everyone said in their interviews and when.
We have to do audio work, sound design, license music, and compose original music.
We have to color correct, make animations, video transitions, titling, and get legal clearances.
We have to hire an editor and assistant editor to help us cut this movie together. We are talking about 65 years of storied history consolidated to a 90 minute movie!
This is a huge undertaking and requires a real team.
What if we don't meet our goal?
We will put the funds towards finishing the movie regardless because this is a labor of love. A story we think is valuable to share with everyone. When we reach our goal we can deliver the story at the production value it deserves.
Lets Talk Perks
We set up perks at various levels to give everyone a chance to help us finish this film. If you have never done Indiegogo before think of it as a pre-order system for one of the perks such as the DVD of the film! We have some great offers check them out. We are excited about the 3-D printed Pirate Radio that's tuned to WSOU 89.5 FM!
What if we exceed our goal?
That would be wonderful and we are optimists here so we already have some amazing extra Perks that everyone would enjoy and some levels would get bumped up to include more Perks!

The Impact

When one thinks of typical college radio usually, you picture a student DJ using ancient equipment playing music they enjoy, reaching the two people in the parking lot that happen to scan past the station for a moment. 
The WSOU story is far from typical. 
WSOU represents 65 years of radio broadcasting history for Seton Hall University, for WSOU, Seton Hall's sport programs such as basketball, the greater Community of South Orange NJ, for the bands that came to the station then became super stars, for the alumni that went on to become stars of their own, and for the loyal fans that love WSOU.
We also think the story adds value so WSOU continues that legacy and acts as an educational tool for other college radio stations and ambitious minds everywhere.

Other Ways You Can Help

Make some noise about our campaign. E-mail your friends, family, share it on your blog, share it on your Facebook, all that social media from Twitter, Pinterest, to Instagram helps us a great deal! Please use the Indiegogo share tools to spread the word of this campaign! Also, word of mouth at the water cooler, at your church group, or at the local game is most welcomed!


Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-