Friday, March 21, 2014

NIRVANA: SEATTLE PD "Police reviewing Kurt Cobain death evidence 20 years later"

Seattle, Washington Police Department have released new photos of KURT COBAIN'S belongings at the scene of his suicide as they have  reviewed evidence regarding NIRVANA main man KURT COBAIN's 4/5/1994 death.

The Seattle Police department  photos show KURT COBAIN'S drug paraphernalia, wallet, cash, a hat and pack of AMERICAN SPIRITS cigarettes.

KURT COBAIN was found dead, 4/8/1994 in his Washington home by an electrician installing a security system in his home.

So far, there is no conclusive evidence to re-open the KURT COBAIN case, ruled a suicide in 1994            (suicide via 20 gage shot gun and heroin), although some investigations are still happening as a "cold case".

According to Seattle Police Department spokes woman Renee Witt, "The outcome of the case has not changed".

NIRVANA unleashed "In Utero" (studio release) 9/13/1993 via GEFFEN RECORDS.
NIRVANA re-issued and remastered versions of the bands releases.
On December 17, 2013 NIRVANA were inducted into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME.


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