Thursday, March 27, 2014


ITP V.014 UPDATE: I figure if any one wants to fight about what is written in ITP, I figure what are they hiding, drugs, probation or parole violations, as they don't own any copy right, and will be arrested for copy right fraud, impersonation and what they're hiding. Hopefully Paul E. Carlson (Kingston, NY) has learned his lesson to NOT be blasting rap music to the point where the windows rattle from the vibration of  sub woofers and an EQ jacked up to bass among his drug and alcohol indulgences, not paying rent, and probation violations, along with his drug addicted buddy Jackie Curley, both Carlson and Curley were violated on probation/parole while making threats regarding ITP over copy right they don't own, as for sure they were intoxicated with dirty urine.. Carlson is screaming out of windows late at night, we can't take it, making threats, turning positives into negatives and bullying over what is his own problem.

No, drug addicts and those in denial and not going to be holding this whole house for ransom and hostage for what THEY are hiding.

Need an exterminator, get one, or the building inspector will fine the landlord, don't abuse tenants when the landlord is in denial, do your job or someone else will take your place.

ITP is for extreme metal fans only, I don't write for the music business, only for my self  and the fans, not for drug addicts, posers or people whom listen to pop, mall core, nor hipsters nor Retards Attempting Poetry. Fuck off.

Lastly, some people got turned in on FACEBOOK this week, DAN SMITH,  (who are you? IDK you) two whom are NOT friends of mine, not in my social network, unsolicited, I'm tired of the stalking and menacing. I don't like Nazi's or white supremacists.  They don't have accounts anymore. First of all, BSP are not booking agents, not ours (booking agents book tours, BSP are promoters, and they have nothing to do with the extreme metal scene, I'll have nothing to do with them)  neither is my fraudulent landlord, impersonating, busted, as neither represent bands careers nor ITP. We'll have NONE of that hipster poser shit, nor the drug abuse issues regarding whom the landlord and his wife rents to, and slanderous defamatory rumors they start, the lying, what are they hiding? I don't promote that shit.

I don't like being "followed" on nor offline by stupid drug addicted hipsters, posers or ghetto thugs who are nothing but wingnuts.

PAUL E. CARLSON drug, behavior and alcohol abuse issues documented: (FEB./MARCH 2013-probation violation 3 months in County jail).

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-