Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Promoters for ALT FEST 2014, set to take place 8/15-17, 2014 BOUGHTON ESTATE, KETTERING, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, UK has sent this statement, with a more detailed statement to be issued before MONDAY. According to inside sources, ALT FEST 2014 s RUMORED to be CANCELLED although there, as of press time, has been no official announcement from the promoters, there fore the RUMORS of  ALT FEST 2014 being cancelled are NOT denied nor CONFIRMED.
ITP V.014 will keep all updated.

However, MARILYN MANSON have officially announced the band has cancelled out of ALT FEST 2014 with other band cancellation announcements coming soon.

Promoters for ALT FEST 2014 have confirmed THE CULT, FRONT 242, COVENANT, LEATHER STRIP, PARADISE LOST, SATYRICON, CRADLE OF FILTH, THE DAMNED, PETER MURPHY,  and more hard rock and extreme metal bands.

We at Alt-Fest HQ would like to sincerely apologise for our silence over the last 24 hours. Currently we are working all hours to deal with some extremely challenging & stressful issues for Alt-Fest. We will be able to provide an official statement with full information before Monday and answer any questions you may have at that time. We want you to know that we have been doing everything we can to take the right steps for you: our fans, friends & customers - we assure you we only have your best interests at heart.

I'd love to be open and transparent but currently and frustratingly I cannot, when we can we will! xx
Missy and Dom

Everyone at Damnation is saddened to hear that Alt Fest has run into difficulties.
Putting on a festival is a huge undertaking; the sleepless nights, the brain-melting accounting, the mammoth task of keeping everybody happy... but it looks like the ambitious plans that Alt Fest had laid out just weren't feasible for one reason or another.
We understand the anger fans, traders and backers - who've been left in the dark, but hopefully not out of pocket- must feel right now.

The crowd funding initiative that kicked Alt Fest off was an encouraging success for live music in the UK. Hopefully among all of you disheartened by this turn of events there are plenty who still believe in supporting live music with a passion.

With us looking forward to one of our most successful years, and in an effort to play our small part in maintaining a trust to accompany that passion, we will answer any questions regarding the running of Damnation Festival - past, present and future.
Now's your chance to probe us*, and without betraying official secrets or divulging people's home addresses, we'll do our best to be as transparent about the running of a festival as humanly possible.
-Gavin, Paul & Becky.
*If your question is "can my band play Damnation?", then the chances are the answer is unfortunately "not this time".

Thabks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-