Wednesday, July 30, 2014


ITP V.014 UPDATE: To tired to write tonight, very pissed off, ITP V.014 will be back later today.                                                                                                                                                                          Soo, it's looks like BLOG CATALOG got a make over with a brand spanking new graphic design (as it SUCKS, as there is hardly any way to get a hold of BLOG CATALOG online)  as BLOG CATALOG has been an ITP syndicate since 2009.

However, ITP V.014's author has NO CONTROL over the account, and no explanation as she forgot her password or/and wants to change it as BLOG CATALOG is NOT sending a new password (pass word reset doesn't work)  to said author whom last logged in 12/31/2013:
BlogCatalog - Password Reset Request: Tue, Dec 31, 2013 6:08 pm

If ITP V.014's author does not have control over her account on BLOG CATALOG , BLOG CATALOG is considered in violation of DMCA copy right, either give me control over my account and feed on BLOG CATALOG or take it down on that syndicate as they have no consent to use it.
Any hacking, I expect the hacker to do 20 years and the maximum in prison, and impersonation, I want criminal charges pressed against them. .
My entertainment attorney will take action very soon, with a lawsuit and various copy right and creative commons infringements.

There fore, ITP V.014's authors choice, BLOG CATALOG is NO LONGER an ITP V.014 syndicate, as they will be met with legal action. No loss regarding BLOG CATALOG, btw, the feed rarely works, I was SHOCKED it worked (briefly) this month as ITP posts a lot and that syndicate can't keep up.

My landlord is also suspect, and perhaps under arrest, as we settle this issue.
ITP V.014's author counted BLOG CATALOG as having 30 DMCA violations (30 journal entries without consent more likely MORE) , enough to shut down their server as complaints from ITP V.014 ALONE.

This is the SECOND time in 2014, (MUSIC NEWS HQ got busted) and the third time since 2013 that a syndicate has used and aggregated  ITP WITHOUT consent and ITP and her lawyer stepped in and stopped the exploitation out of court.

If I can't communicate with BLOG CATALOG and get to the bottom of this, I would DEFINITELY take them to court for copyright DMCA violations and a lot of people in the music industry would too.    

If I don't have control over my account ITP V.014 wil send a DMCA violation to blog catalog. Let me change my password.

Hey. I'm the author of ITP V.014 , how come i can't change my password?
Again, if I can't control my account on BLOG CATALOG, they can NOT use my content, they have no consent, and I'll take legal action. Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-