Thursday, July 17, 2014


French technical death metal warriors BENIGHTED have announced  new guitarist BERT and new bassist PIERRE for summer 2014 festivals. BENIGHTED are/were looking for new a guitarist and bassist. BENIGHTED unleashed a video for the track  "SPIT", exclusively premiering VIA METAL HAMMER.

 BENIGHTED unleashed "Carnivore Sublime", 2/14/2014 via SEASON OF MIST.

BENIGHTED unleashed "Asylum Cave" 3/29/2011 via SEASON OF MIST.

"English: Benighted is proud to welcome Bert (Guitars) and Pierre (Bass/Backing Vocals) in the band for the summer festivals! Bert (High for a Dive, Sorastrella, Soulbreeder, ex-Winds of Torment) was already a member of the Benighted family as he joined the band for the Morbid Angel Tour in 2011 and the Summer Sickness Tour in 2012. And we're also very glad to welcome Pierre (High For A Dive, Poumon, Aabsinthe) in the team! We're ready to destroy the stages with this line-up fro this summer and it will start in a week with the amazing Metaldays Festival in Slovenia!!! See you there guys and stay sick!
Français: Benighted est fier d'annoncer l'arrivée dans le groupe de Bert (guitare) et Pierre (Basse/Backing Vocals) pour les festivals d'été. Bert (High for a Dive, Sorastrella, Soulbreeder, ex-Winds of Torment) faisait déjà partie de la Benighted family car il avait déjà rejoint le groupe pour la tournée Morbid Angel en 2011 et le Summer Sickness Tour en 2012. Nous sommes également très heureux d'accueillir Pierre (High For A Dive, Poumon, Aabsinthe) dans nos rangs! Benighted est prêt à remettre le feu sur scène avec ce line-up pour l'été et cela commencera dès la semaine prochaine avec le Metaldays en Slovénie!!! Rendez-vous là-bas! Stay sick!"

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