Wednesday, April 27, 2016

MOTORHEAD: "Mikkey has never done drugs. The only coke Lemmy loved went in his Jack Daniels."

 UK based heavy metal legends MOTORHEAD (surviving members) have sent this statement on a recent BLACK STONE CHERRY interview (ROCKSVERIGE.SE)  as the band mentioned  MOTORHEAD's alleged drug use.

UK based heavy metal legends MOTORHEAD confirmed bassist/vocalist LEMMY KILMISTER (IAN FRASER) passed away 12/28/2015 to cancer at 70.

MOTORHEAD are set to unleash a live release entitled "CLEAN YOUR CLOCK" (CD/DVD/BLUE RAY) , due to be unleashed 6/10/2016 via UDR MUSIC, MORE INFO T.B.A.

MOTORHEAD released "BAD MAGIC", 8/28/2015 via UDR MUSIC.

 "Mikkey has never done drugs. The only coke Lemmy loved went in his Jack Daniels. Sad to see people the band helped lie. An apology would be the decent thing..."


To Mikkey Dee Official, Phil Campbell, the Lemmy Kilmister Motörhead family and the entire Official Motörhead organization,
I am deeply sorry for any harm that I may have caused the Motörhead camp in relation to my recent interview. Let me make it crystal clear that we were never offered any substances by Lemmy, Mikkey, Phil or their stage crew. We were offered substances by now former employees of the band while on tour with them and I should have made that distinction in my interview. What was intended to be an off the cuff, light-hearted road story, I now see, regrettably hasn't come across that way. For that I am deeply sorry in a way that words can't properly convey.
I, along with my brothers in Black Stone Cherry, absolutely love and respect Motörhead and couldn't be more thankful to the opportunities they have given us in our career. We will continue to remain loyal to them as people, their music, and their fans!
My sincerest apologies,
Jon Lawhon
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-