Sunday, April 17, 2016


Promoters for THRASH CHINA FESTIVAL 2016, set to take place 5/1-13, 2016 CHINA  have announced the tour dates and LINEUP featuring ONSLAUGHT, THY BLOOD, ANGELIS APATRIDA, DARKNESS POOL, XIAMEN and MORE THRASH BANDS.

THRASH CHINA FESTIVAL 2016 tour dates in flyer on left:


The second session of the slalom thrash China China festival national tour

Slalom China re-Ignite the torch of catching fire, China Slalom of metal on top of the outbreak of the moment on the peak.

Records by the horns, too halcrow move, sau move network of 2016 Co-hosted the second session of the slalom thrash China China festival as staged!

Integration of international classic strong emerging forces with support of 11 outside the sea band common leng re-writing metal milestone. Beijing, XI ' an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, a total of seven cities large tour looking forward to have metal hearts of your arrival.

This will be the most glorious year of slalom metal event, the country's most diehard metal spirit of dedication in this together, naked ambition ginga metal alive!

Leng band:
European Ace Classic J-onslaught attack

Spain-Ring Metal Band Angelus Apatrida Renegade Angels

South China slalom mission were explosicum blisters

Veteran Slalom ancestors ancestor

Attention new Beijing slalom tumor tumour boy boy

Zhenjiang yì jūn tū qǐ new forces legion alcor dark star

Shanghai Heavy Thrash Representative thy blood blood scary

Sichuan-Chongqing Slalom Metal Guardian caterpillar track car

Xiamen death slalom rupture break

Hong Kong slalom new forces darkness pool

Wuhan veteran slalom hard mission choleraic cholera

Second place in slalom thrash China China festival is sparing no effort to for national traditional metal enthusiasts and slalom metal diehard fans and dedication to create a joyous holiday.

Totally different from last year, China's first 2015 Slalom only in Beijing, and the expansion of the arrangements for the 7 Municipalities in the country of first attempt, will this indoor music festival activities complete dedication to music fans around the country before.

While at the same time from the UK Ace Classic Orchestra Onslaught official
也藉此時首發推出他們在1986年的經典專輯“The Force”30週年紀念版CD。

Moreover, onslaught will also perform in the slalom China staged in "the force" album in all the classic songs. This is also the orchestra in the calendar year abroad experiences the various performances and not covered in the arrangements!

At the same time, Beijing has received strong voices of slalom metal nova tumor boys brand new ep will also be dynamic China scene starter. This brand new metal groups have dynamic stage performance.

And in the shortest possible time of yì jūn tū qǐ zhenjiang hard mission dark star, first small album launch and also a live performance for the first time will be this dynamic China highlights.

Plus the Spanish have the strongest metal legion title of Renegade Angels Angelus Apatrida
As well as the representative of China Slalom Blisters, slalom ancestors established in Beijing, Shanghai Veteran Representative thy blood blood scared, Sichuan-Chongqing Slalom Metal Guardian track car, xiamen death slalom break, Hong Kong's new army darkness pool and wuhan veteran slalom choleraic hard mission Cholera full thrash composed of China 2016

This will be the annual old school metal most powerful build-up.

Regardless of the 80 s classic groups or now resurgence of forces, 2016 Slalom China China festival will thrash generations generation orchestra of the powerful forces in this together, together.

This is not only a could burst China's old school show event, is more a time China metal music of the beginning of the new wave.

Slalom China -- Represent all preach strong personality of the individual spirit allies, more represents our metal belief that era with infinite impact thrive inside.

May 01 Yugongyishan Beijing, China

May 02 Zhenjiang Festival Zhenjiang, China

May 05 Nuts Livehouse Chongqing, China

May 06 Vox Wuchang, China

May 07 SD Livehouse Guangzhou Shi, China

May 08 B10 Shenzhen, China

May 10 MMO Maoming, China

May 12 46 Livehouse Changsha, China

May 13 Mao Livehouse Shanghai, China

May 14 Lao Art Center Nanking, China

May 15 Who Hot Livehouse Hohhot, China

May 17 Hongle Livehouse Yinchuan, China

May 18 Fix Taiyuan, China

May 19 80’s Club Beijing, China

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-