Monday, April 18, 2016


Cao Hui (LEE), vocalist of CHINESE death metal warriors THY BLOOD has made a statement officially leaving the band on a claim that guitarist Chen Yongwei  (CHEN ZHE) raped her on a drive home. THY BLOOD has also posted a statement on the alleged rape incident between band members.

THY BLOOD unleashed "JUST WAR", 5/30/2014 via DYING ART PRODUCTIONS.

ITP V.016 EDITORS NOTE: Breaking this story in the U.S. is considerably challenging because of the language barrier as ITP V.016 author does not know CHINESE and GOOGLE TRANSLATE may not be perfect Chinese to English translation. Read the below link from UNITE ASIA for a perfect CHINESE to ENGLISH translation.


The Chinese metal scene has blown up all over social media regarding an incident that took place a few weeks ago. A 19 year old female vocalist of Chinese metal band Thy Blood posted a lengthy public announcement about her leaving the band and why. The reason: she was raped by the guitarist of the band. Here is the complete post that she put up last night:


"I declare myself according to his will formally withdraw blood frightened band, the main reason is that after the end of the 3.25 performance by guitarist Chen Zhe car to go home, Chen Zhe did not send me home but went elsewhere to get off I implemented rape. details of the incident I do not want to remember, but after the incident I think the collapse of the whole person, and I did not expect such a thing really happen to them. delay say and why drag now reported to the police : one to two crashes slow, but because of fear of parents know fear.Until Monday (4.11) I really can not stand and rehearse together before a rapist and other band members say the matter, Chen Zhe forced to apologize to me, but he did not realize his mistake, but instead to blame me raise the moral level. Chen Zhe after the end of the rape he did not recognize the behavior, told me that he was not rape. I was a little girl really do not know how to do.Secondly, I am more scared of the band's attitude on the matter, although before the incident, I promised the band can find a new lead singer, but at the same time I also promised the band will present all performances played out. But the band members Gu Lifeng was Sunday and I found a new lead singer, said Monday no rehearsal, I admit I was not a good temper and attitude, said "Midi you go I want to go with a new lead singer of the report" but I was said to be in his threat to personal grudges rise to the band. Before I ask you to find a new singer I did not do your lead singer? Will this "personal grievances" is not a member of it occurs within the band?I'm scared of blood deep feelings, and finally no one thought of this outcome is to leave. Has been silence, I wanted blood scared Midi later this revelation, but today I will not choose silence, chose to expose the matter out. After school tomorrow, I myself will go to the police report. "


"The following statement: 1. Lee as the lead singer in the band late last year pointed out Lee as the lead singer of some of the problems, but so far has not see any improvement Lee, so the band decided to replace the lead singer in the midi 2. Lee lips. QJ said if true we will expel Chen Zhe, now we have to seek legal help, this is a private matter between the Lee and Chen Zhe, the band will not be any response.

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