Thursday, September 8, 2011


8/3/2011: REPOSTED with spelling and grammatical errors corrected: Oh, BTW, what's with this talk about other peoples benefits, guess what: NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS, NOT YOURS, specifically since it doesn't define intimacy.
RE: CONSPIRACY THEORIES: Your benefits are not property of your current or former landlord (I'm sure they don't qualify making too much money, the IRS would love to hear from them) , anything else would be fraud, conversion of property, embezzlement, extortion, and identity theft on their part and I would call the police to investigate them. Why should the recipient be the last to know and some stranger the first to know about the benefits of someone they don't know, privacy and confidentiality is mandatory. Receiving benefits is NOT based upon someones height, race, gender, sexual orientation, if someone farted or not, or they're weight it's only based substantial criteria, as that decision is not some morons decision whom does not work for the system and we all hope the system is fair and equatable.
I've payed my rent in all places I've lived in the past 13 years, but with MY benefits, they are mine, is does not disqualify me if YOU don't make a profit.
Secondly, I'll write whatever I please in my ITP V.011, if it means posting on public access 'puters and of course my very own 'puter. I'm not intimidated by some paranoid idiots in denial, as they could possibly be sued, and yes this journal will stay active, they won't be reading it, because they're going to JAIL for corruption.
Again, I'm a journalist, I made statements of fact, and discrimination regarding primary resources will be challenged as being a blogger making ACCURATE statements of fact is not illegal, I don't drink alcohol, and I DON'T do drugs, and I try to exhibit self control, ITP V.011 is my personal property, copy written, not anyone elses. Other than that, I'm ok, I'm doing fine on my benefits, thanks for all support. They are the ones that abuse alcohol and drugs.
They'll never stop me from blogging, and they will be sued and jailed for corruption.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-